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A few things our clients are currently experiencing:

 Conversational AI in customer support will enhance your customer experience


reduction in all chat traffic
to customer support

 automated conversations with customers through conversational A (AI chatbot)I

10 000+

automated conversations
with customers - daily

 automated conversations with customers through conversational AI


fewer incoming service-
related phone calls

 automated conversations with customers through conversational AI (AI chatbot)


increase in usage
in just 1 year


User-friendly conversational AI

The AI admin panel is the market-leading software for building purpose-driven conversations.

It has all the intuitive tools AI Trainers need to create natural and dynamic conversations that drive business, such as analytics features, a practical conversation flow editor and easy-to-use advanced features like APIs - requiring no technical personnel.

It also comes equipped with a knowledge base and direct access to all of our E-learning content, making the upskilling of staff a breeze.


We are experts in AI-powered conversational banking and insurance

The largest banks and insurance companies in the tech-savvy Nordic countries are taking advantage of our conversational AI and transforming customer relationships with digital advisors. Our unique expertise in these industries has changed how they interact with customers forever.

 conversational AI banking is equipped with everything you need to transform customer interactions


With over 2,000 banking-specific intents and support for advanced transactional features, a digital banking advisor is equipped with everything your bank needs to take automated customer interactions to the next level.

 Conversational AI solutions for insurance

Insurance & claims

A digital insurance agent can understand any questions your customers have and, through dynamic and purpose-driven conversations, seamlessly handle a claims process - directly in the chat window.


A lot of our clients are in banking and insurance, but we have also implemented conversational AI to enhance other brand-to-user relationships, in everything from telecom and HR to the public sector.’s foundation for complete conversational AI:

 Conversational AI helps automate your customer interactions


Robust deep learning and natural language technology (NLP & NLU) to accurately understand what your customers want.

 Artificial Intelligence-powered conversational bots


A unique multi-level hierarchy that handles thousands of customer intents with an incredibly low amount of training data required.

 Intelligent virtual assistant. Go beyond chatbots with conversational AI


User friendly software so your staff can customize and build content, in addition to the ability to seamlessly connect to existing systems.


Some of our clients