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Boost your customer experience with an artificially intelligent virtual agent that makes everything fast and easy. is a software company that specializes in chatbots for customer service and enterprise-level companies. With tireless dedication to machine learning, we have developed the world’s most complete software for building, implementing and operating chatbots powered by our market-leading conversational AI.
Recognized by Gartner as one of the world’s leading AI chatbot software

Recognized in Gartner Market Guide named by Gartner in 2019 Market Guide for Virtual Customer Assistants as a representative vendor

Using conversational AI to transform the online customer experience is a fairly new process with a lot of noise, features and promises. It can be hard for companies to find the right fit for their needs. Gartner’s latest market guide identifies the key vendors in the Virtual Customer Assistant space to help make that decision easier.

Conversational Chatbot Software for Customer Service
Our conversational AI chatbot lets you automate customer interactions and cut wait times

Make difficult things easy 

Even the most complex products and services can be easy to access and understand for your customers.

Boost your customer experience in as little as four weeks with extensive pre-made knowledge of banking, insurance and telco. Pre-trained with answers for up to 2 500 questions - covering everything from basic to complex industry-specific issues - it’s a quick and easy process to get started.

Market-leading conversational AI

Features made for enterprise

Steer the conversation with features designed to let anyone create natural and dynamic interactions at scale.

Design and tune conversation flows and master every automated customer interaction like never before. Add advanced features and APIs - without any technical personnel required - and automate all your transactions in one place.

Customer Service Chat Software powered by Conversational AI

“The results are a lot better than we expected after such a short time”

Norway’s largest bank cut wait times and improved their customer experience with a virtual banking agent.

Either by resolving enquiries on the spot or forwarding them to its human colleagues, DNB’s virtual banking agent reduced traffic to live chat by 50% after just 6 months.


Considering conversational AI? Here’s everything you need to know to pick the right solution

Download this 5-step guide and educate yourself on:

  • Identifying compelling use cases

  • Picking the right technology

  • Outlining a winning implementation strategy

  • Understanding how humans fit into the picture

  • Future-proofing the customer experience


Digital transformation that really works


Times are changing for how customers want to interact with companies. Many of the world’s most technological companies have taken the leap - and are reaping incredible rewards:

Use a chatbot (powered by conversational AI) to automatically answer repetitive questions in customer service


decrease in total traffic to human support in just 6 months

Our chatbot powered by conversational AI is capable of understanding any customer request


increase in users, only one year after launching virtual agent

Automate conversations with customers through AI-powered chatbot


daily customer interactions fully automated with conversational AI

Let us show you how conversational AI chatbot will future-proof your customer service

Successfully automating customer interactions requires:

The leading enterprise chatbot improves your customer experience using natural language technology


Deep learning and natural language technology (NLP & NLU), combined with automatic semantic understanding (ASU™), to accurately understand what your customers need.

When it comes to enterprise,’s chatbot solves tough challenges and automates highly complex tasks


With a unique multi-level hierarchy that can process several thousand customer intents at the same time, give yourself the necessary scalability to succeed now and in the future.

Our Conversational AI software offers a set of key features that we've perfected over time, including call center solutions, voice assistants, data warehouse support, API connectors and much more.


Software that is user friendly and compatible with all direct messaging channels, including voice. Privacy features developed for the Nordic market, one of the strictest in the world.