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Superior accuracy

To provide accurate and reliable assistance, a virtual assistant needs to understand the user's question. The James platform does this using some of the most robust and accurate natural language processing (NLP) and understanding (NLU) in the world.

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Exceptional scalability

Our unique multi-level hierarchy gives the James platform the ability to handle thousands of intents. Our ensemble of prediction models can interpret user intents with as little as 10 training messages - a feature unlikely to be found in other solutions.


Security and privacy

The security and privacy requirements of our clients are important to us. We aim to comply with security standards, such as ISO 27001, and have equipped the James platform with GDPR compliant privacy features that our clients can seamlessly adopt.


Industry modules

You can significantly reduce the time and effort required to implement a virtual assistant by using our ready-made industry-specific modules, meticulously developed to be a comprehensive and expandable starting point for new virtual assistant projects.



With over 2000 ready-made user intents and support for advanced features, the banking module can help you cover practically any bank related question from day one.



Telecom customers have many and varied questions. The telecom module is pre-trained to understand their questions and provide them with a range of options. 

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Public sector

The public sector module makes it easy to provide citizens with 24/7 virtual assistance. Over 30 Scandinavian municipalities are doing that today, thanks to our revolutionary module.


Take a look at the full range of industry modules we have to offer.


Conversational AI - how it works

A great virtual assistant, which is able to actually help users and provide measurable results for your organization, requires several advanced components.

We have developed these components to make your new virtual assistant one of the most robust in the world, with the potential to satisfy even the most demanding users, no matter how they communicate.


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