Conversational AI for Insurance

Conversational AI that’s got you covered

Filling in forms or waiting on hold to speak to an operator does not equal loyal customers. A virtual insurance agent can simplify the claims process and make it much faster - while still engaging customers through dynamic conversations - and connecting human support when necessary.

conversational ai for insurance

Why 4 of the top 5 Nordic insurance companies choose


live virtual agents
in FSI


developers needed to automate at scale


interactions handled without human support


ready-to-go service, support and claims intents

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Automation-ready from day one

With pre-loaded content, including over 1,500 service, support and claims topics out-of-the-box, our platform makes it easy to build dynamic interactions and automate complex insurance processes from day one .

Whether it’s updating account information, purchasing a new insurance plan or filing a claim, offering 24/7 self-service makes it possible to truly be there for customers in their hour of need.

conversational ai for insurance

Meet Tryg.
They used the platform to:

Build and launch 10 virtual agents across 3 markets
Automate 80% of customer service and claims inquiries
Automate 95% of internal support enquiries

...see results like Tryg.

Working with artificial intelligence helps to assist our internal and external processes and to deliver fantastic customer experiences.
Morten Hübbe
CEO, Tryg
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A ‘human touch’ on hand

Our conversational AI knows exactly when to automate and when a human touch is needed. Advanced NLU helps to reduce false positives by over 90%, meaning your virtual agent won’t ever embarass itself (or you) during a delicate claims interaction.

Customers can be seamlessly transferred to a human operator, complete with a chat log, so that they can get the help they need.

human handover
be there

Guide customers to the right choices

Take the complexity out of insurance and become a trusted, always-available advisor.

Thanks to the ability to analyze data, your virtual insurance agent can guide customers and make recommendations for new products and services. This helps to improve your bottom line by boosting sales and loyalty. A win-win!


Works with everything you already use

Natively integrate virtual agents with the other tech you depend on today.

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Scale your service, support and sales to any size. Unlimited scalability with prediction accuracy rates above 90%

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