Put customer experience first

Customer expectations have changed, but they haven’t been changed by your competitors.

They haven’t really been changed by new, ‘disruptive’ players in your market. Their expectations have been changed by the experiences they have elsewhere in their lives.

In an instant world, few of us have time to spare. Make sure you provide a smooth experience that frees up time for the important things in life.

Boost.ai is a Scandinavian software company that specializes in conversational AI and delivers the best chatbot (virtual agent) in the market

More live virtual agents than any other company in the world

boost.ai got 100+ live AI chatbots


live virtual agents

Automate customer interactions with boost.ai’s conversational AI platform


automated interactions

Boost.ai has offices in Norway and the US


certified AI Trainers


Building the future way of interacting - today

Passionately developing AI-powered direct messaging since 2016 - soon the only channel your customers will use to get down to business.

Why would anyone settle for waiting when technology makes it possible to automate even the most complex demands in a matter of seconds?

From today’s blocking credit cards, filing insurance claims and upgrading data plans, to a future of instant voice commands with biometric recognition. The way customers interact with companies is changing - and it’s changing fast.

Boost.ai’s goal is to transform organizations everywhere, no matter what they do for a living, with the world’s best conversational AI.

Humble origin, huge ambition

In 2016, Lars Selsås was challenged by a local bank to build a chatbot with business value.

In two months, he had built a chatbot equal to the American company they had set as the benchmark. After three months he had far surpassed it.

Quickly realizing that customers expect something far greater than a chatbot, he built a team and started creating a solution that combined the power of automation with human understanding.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer Lars Selsås is the brain behind Boost AI’s Virtual Agent
Boost AI delivers the best chatbot for customer service, powered by artificial intelligence

Humans first at work

Let’s not forget about human needs, even though it’s all about automating things and making machines do stuff.

It’s important to make sure that there’s room for living as well as working, even in a rapidly growing tech company. Nordic roots translate into a flat organizational structure where rank and title doesn’t matter - and where every opinion is valued
and appreciated.

Boost AI is a growing tech company that delivers AI-powered chatbots for enterprise

Leaders of conversational AI

Boost AI’s founder and CEO Lars Selås

Lars Selsås

Founder and
Chief Executive Officer

Henry Iversen is the co-founder and CCO of Boost AI

Henry Iversen

Co-Founder and
Chief Commercial Officer

Hadle Selsås is Boost AI’s co-founder and Lars Selsås’ brother

Hadle Selsås

Co-Founder and
Chief Cloud Officer

Camilla Gjetvik is Boost AI’s Chief Operating Officer

Camilla Gjetvik

Chief Operating Officer

Abhishek Thakur is Boost AI’s Chief Data Scientist

Abhishek Thakur

Chief Data Scientist