Join the digital revolution with conversational AI

The biggest names in management consulting and professional services around the world rely on’s conversational AI when digitizing their clients.

Superior language technology, combined with an aptitude for delivering solutions to enterprise-level organizations, makes incorporating the most advanced conversational AI solution on the market into your product portfolio a no-brainer. Discover how you can immediately begin transforming customer interactions for your clients.

Boost AI is always looking for new partnerships to help us deploy, expand and maintain conversational AI.

 Building great customer experiences, together

The modules are a part of Boost AI’s market-ready virtual agent package, built with our unique and extensive domain knowledge.

Benefit from a pragmatic and flexible approach to AI

A technical roadmap driven by the needs of new and existing clients.

Launching a virtual agent with pre-built, industry-specific content gives you the power to delight clients with a quick time-to-launch. Whether it’s enhancing the customer support experience, adding security and privacy compliance features or improving efficiency and cutting costs, conversational AI can be dynamically shaped to meet any business goal.

Consider the heavy lifting taken care of so you can get a running start on quickly rolling out fit-for-purpose virtual agents.

AI trainers play a pivotal part in developing your virtual agent

Get certified as an AI Trainer

Open up exciting new opportunities for collaboration between humans and artificial intelligence.

A “human factor” is just as important as the technology itself when delivering an artificially intelligent virtual agent. AI Trainers are educated under an intuitive, fast and class-leading certification system. Everything you need to develop conversational AI that can accurately translate customer queries and requests into actionable outcomes.


User-friendly software packed with useful features and tools

Designing naturally-flowing dialogue has never been easier.

Intuitive software makes it easy to build the ultimate virtual agent for any organization. With tools and features purpose-built for designing natural conversation flows, your certified AI Trainers are able to truly transform the ways in which customers experience your clients’ brand.

Boost AI’s chatbot to automate customer interactions

A partnership that delivers

In 2018, Avo Consulting successfully deployed a virtual agent for the Norwegian Postal Services.

The virtual agent gives Posten’s customers 24/7 access to information such as tracking status, ETA, customs clearance and shipping rates. Launching just before the busy Christmas period, the virtual agent quickly proved its worth.


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We’re always looking for new partnerships to help us deploy, expand and maintain conversational AI.

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