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We’re always looking for new partnerships to help us deploy, expand and maintain conversational AI.

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Thanks to our successes in researching natural language technology (NLP & NLU), our conversational AI is sophisticated enough to accurately mirror its human colleagues.

Our product presents the most robust solution available on the market today and we offer our partners the opportunity to distribute our market-leading technology on mutually beneficial terms.

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Our partners

Many of the world’s leading tech consulting companies have partnered with us to help deploy, expand and maintain conversational AI. Based on their experience with our platform we have divided them into ranks - Associates, Experts and Masters. They all have the capacity and competence to successfully implement and support our groundbreaking technology.




Associates’s conversational AI comes with an impressive set of capabilities and the company works in a very agile way when developing new features.
— Tom Einar Nyberg, Head of Digital Operations, KPMG Digital

A pragmatic approach to AI


Our technical roadmap is driven by the needs of both new and existing clients. This approach is essential in helping our clients solve their problems, whilst dynamically adding ‘in demand’ functionality to our solution.

Our clients requirements are often diverse, and range from enhancing their customer support experience or adding security and privacy compliance features, to enhancing internal efficiency and cutting costs.

We provide pre-made content for a range of industries that offers quick time-to-launch and has saved both our partners and their clients hundreds of hours.


Get certified as an AI Trainer

AI trainers play a pivotal part in developing your virtual assistant

The possibility for collaboration between humans and artificial intelligence opens up the potential for exciting new opportunities.

Through our experience in successfully implementing conversational AI we have recognized the importance of the human factor. The insight has lead us to pioneer a vital new role that upskills existing customer interaction employees, preparing them for the digital job market of the future.

Educated under our class-leading certification system, these AI Trainers play a pivotal part in developing your virtual assistant to accurately translate customer queries and requests into actionable outcomes.


User-friendly software

Superior technology is an essential building of conversational AI

Superior technology is an essential building block of conversational AI. The success of a good virtual assistant, however, is equally dependent on the humans behind it.

Our AI admin panel ensures that the AI Trainers using our technology can work under the optimal conditions required to build the ultimate virtual assistant for their organization.

It offers a smooth and intuitive user experience, purpose-built for engineering natural conversation flows.


Conversational AI for enterprise

Our superior language technology, combined with an aptitude for successfully delivering solutions to enterprise-level organizations, makes us the preferred supplier of conversational AI for tech consultancy firms all over the world. With over 20 partners in Europe and the US, we are constantly looking to develop strategic partnerships in new areas and markets.


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