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While artificial intelligence is hardly a new technology, the progress it has made in the area of virtual assistants during the last couple of years certainly is.

This advancement has made our virtual assistants sophisticated and accurate enough to mirror their human counterparts in the service center. Thanks to the progress we have made researching natural language technologies, we believe the James platform is the most robust solution available on the global market today.

We offer our partners the chance to distribute our market-leading virtual assistants on mutually beneficial terms.


Our partners

We enjoy partnerships with the world's leading tech consulting companies, who can implement, expand and maintain virtual assistants for you. While we have divided them into different ranks - based on their experience with virtual assistants on the James platform - they all have the capacity and competence to successfully implement and support a virtual assistant.





I take pride in working with and how Accenture contributes to their ongoing success. The James platform’s unique ability to understand customers will be a key enabler for companies to provide a better customer experience.
— Hans Kristian Aas, Nordic FutureTech Lead - Financial Services, Accenture

AI certification included

Thanks to our unique natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLU), the James platform is home to the most accurate and scalable virtual assistants available on the market today.

However, successful distribution of our virtual assistants requires  a certain level of AI competence. We provide our partners with  the necessary education and training to obtain this competence, giving them the ability to independently  create and implement virtual assistants on the James platform.


Available industry modules

With AI-certified staff, equipped with our pre-made modules, implementing and expanding a virtual assistant is an effective and easy process.

A module is a pre-trained "brain" for a virtual assistant that specialises in a specific domains, such as banking, telecom or HR. These modules have ready-made intent hierarchies which contain hundreds, or even thousands, of rigorously tested user intents and chat responses. 

This means our clients can build, train and launch a new virtual assistant significantly faster than when starting from scratch. These modules have been proven to save both our partners and clients hundreds of hours which can then be spent enhancing and improving their virtual assistant to become their most valued employee. 

It's never been easier to implement a virtual assistant. 

The James platform has an impressive set of capabilities and the company works in a very agile way when developing new features.
— Tom Einar Nyberg, Head of Digital Operations, KPMG Digital

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Working closely with our partners, we lead the way in next-gen AI customer service, providing the market-leading and cutting edge software organisations need to become a part of the future of customer relations.

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