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How Kärcher automated over 20% of total customer service traffic in just 6 months


How Kärcher automated over 20% of total customer service traffic in just 6 months

The multinational cleaning equipment company increased consumer self-service and decreased contact center traffic by using a chat-first strategy

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Nordic banking leader scales customer service with 12 virtual agents

Nordea cites the maturity of the platform as a key factor in launching a dozen AI-powered virtual agents to improve customer experience


Leading Icelandic bank automates 50% of all chat traffic in just 6 months

The virtual agent Fróði exceeded all expectations by delivering scalable customer service loved by 90% of users


US credit union automates 2,000 internal interactions per month

MSU Federal Credit Union developed and launched a virtual agent pilot project in only 10 days to provide critical internal support for customer-facing employees


End-to-end mortgage deferment automation for pandemic-affected customers

Sparebank 1 SR-Bank used conversational AI as a creative method of helping to alleviate financial hardship for its customers during the height of the pandemic


49,5% of total B2C & B2B customer service traffic automated

Today’s banks are increasingly turning towards artificial intelligence as a crucial tentpole in their digital strategy - and reaping significant rewards.


Norway's biggest bank automated 20% of all customer service traffic

DNB turned to to manage the high volume of chat traffic to its contact center, developing a virtual banking agent that successfully automated over half of all online chat interactions in just six months.

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