Customer service trends 2022 and the rise of AI chatbots

Conversational AI is estimated to mature into a $18.4 billion market by 2026, with no signs of slowing down. In this guide, ‘10 conversational AI trends to watch for in 2022 and beyond', we examine the latest market and technology trends that shaping the adoption of artificial intelligence in

Conversational design vol 1: Interaction

Using data-driven insights to build better user experiences for your virtual agent. Learn everything you need to know about how conversational AI can help to leave a lasting, positive impression with your customers. In ‘Conversational design vol. 1 - Interaction’, Dr. Cameron Taylor outlines a serie

Conversational design vol. 2: Visibility

How to maximize user experience for your virtual agent. What happens once your virtual agent is up and running? How do you position it so that customers benefit the most out of every interaction? What do you need to start thinking about to improve a user’s experience when interacting with a virtual

Conversational design vol. 3: Avatars

Considerations, approaches and recommendations for virtual agent avatar design. A key step toward successfully launching a virtual agent is designing a suitable avatar. First impressions matter and a well-thought-out avatar allows your business to decide how you want customers to perceive a virtual

The complete guide to chatbots for banking

Banks and other financial institutions stand to greatly benefit from the adoption of automation in customer service. With advances in artificial intelligence and chat technology, it's easier than ever to be where your customers are and lower the threshold for them to get in touch

A buyer’s guide to conversational AI

Unlock the future of customer service with AI-driven virtual agents for business with our chatbot buyers guide.


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