Conversational AI for telecommunication

Communicate and automate with AI

For telecom companies, a fast, easy and convenient customer experience is essential for business.

We know that seamless customer interactions are key to your success. Embrace conversational AI with a telecom virtual agent and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, while driving down your support costs.

conversational ai for telecom

Scandinavian telecoms and broadband providers that
made the right call


of the Top 4 telcos in the Nordics


developers needed to automate at scale

customer interactions automated per year

telco topics automated out-of-the-box

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faster connections

Start connecting right away

Save hundreds - if not thousands - of hours in setup time.

With industry expertise and over 1,000 pre-built intents, building a virtual agent doesn't have to be a daunting task. Cover a variety of telecom-related topics from day zero and be ready to launch in weeks, not months.

conversational ai for telecom

Meet Telenor.
They used the platform to:

Reach their
ROI goals in just
12 months
Launch a virtual agent
with 20+ unique integrations
Automate over
630,000 customer inquiries in 2020

...see results like Telenor.

With Telmi, we reached our business and ROI goals within the first 12 months.
Anna Måsender
Head of Customer Service, Telenor
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Works with everything you already use

Natively integrate virtual agents with the other tech you depend on today.

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