Conversational AI for internal support

Maximize operational efficiency with a 24/7 support bot

Are you looking to streamline IT support, HR, onboarding and more? Give employees access to the wealth of your company’s knowledge and data via personable AI chat automation that’s never too busy to help.

Conversational AI that empowers employees to reach their full potential


live internal support virtual agents


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Automate Knowledge sharing

Make knowledge sharing your competitive advantage

A virtual agent provides employees with an always-available channel of up-to-date company information. This helps ensure consistent knowledge sharing across departments, reducing time spent searching and boosting productivity.

conversational ai for insuranceconversational ai for insurance

Meet Aker BP.
They use the platform to:

Save support staff
150 hours per week
Successfully resolve 90% of conversations
Answer 1.5 questions per interaction on average
AkerAnna is incredibly efficient. People have learned that they can ask her about everything and that she is constantly learning and improving.
Hilde Andreassen
P&O Analyst
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Streamlined onboarding

Bring new employees up to speed in record time. An internal virtual agent makes for the perfect, friendly single point of contact for new hires with questions about the onboarding process.

Hyper-localized content’s unique filtering system means that your virtual agents’ responses can be tailored specifically to each employee’s needs based on location, language, department and more.

AI-assisted Smart Replies

Enhance the efficiency of customer-facing support staff with a behind-the-scenes virtual agent that uses AI to analyze live-chat conversations in real-time and suggest relevent info and responses.


Works with everything you already use

Natively integrate virtual agents with the other tech you depend on today.

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Scale your service, support and sales to any size. Unlimited scalability with prediction accuracy rates above 90%

Experienced support with over 250 live virtual agents in Europe and North America

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