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How to secure virtual agent ROI’s Founder and CEO, Lars Selsås and AI Supervisor Milka Holmberg introduce two forces that decide the outcome of a virtual agent's ROI. They share useful tips on how to enhance both of these forces and reveal specific real-life examples with the highest success rates.

3 reasons to watch this webinar:

  1. Discover the two forces coming to play and deciding on the outcome of a virtual agent's ROI and value created.
  2. Take advantage of live engagement with the speakers as they explore how to enhance performance and output of the two forces.
  3. Learn from real-life organizations and their examples on how to create and drive value with conversational AI.

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Monika Niedbalska (host)
Community Manager,

Monika’s pursuit is to make sure our community of conversational AI aficionados always stays informed. When she’s not hosting webinars, you’ll find her creating content for our emails and social media channels.

Lars Selsås
Founder & CEO,

Lars is the technical powerhouse behind After spending a number of years in Silicon Valley working for some of the world’s leading artificial intelligence and natural language technology companies he returned to Norway to found

Milka Holmberg
AI Supervisor,

Milka is a Nordic Women in Tech Finalist who has helped clients all over the Nordic private and public sector get started with conversational AI. She also advises them on how to strategically develop AI projects to deliver the highest possible value.