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June 9, 2021 2:00 AM

Nailing conversational AI business cases

Business cases are pretty much mandatory for important decision making and planning in all kinds of organisations. So it’s no surprise that many excited innovation managers and digitization strategists at one point or another have had very exciting or innovative ideas and initiatives killed off because they couldn’t “make the case” to the people upstairs or other stakeholders. But, if all goes well, at the end of our time together in this webinar you will have gained the tools and confidence you need to nail your business case.

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Henry Vaage Iversen
Co-Founder and the Chief Commercial Officer,

As Co-Founder and the Chief Commercial Officer of, Henry may hold a world record in numbers of discussions with enterprise-level organizations on the topic of conversational AI. It is in no way an exaggeration to say that this person is one of the major driving forces behind the company's exponential growth.

Anders Gjerde
Head of Service Delivery,

Anders leads the team responsible for the high-quality project delivery of's software, both directly with clients and through the company's partner program.

Kat W. Mohn (host)
Sales Operations Manager,

Kat loves data, analytics, and numbers. She’s passionate about AI and how automation makes our lives easier. When she’s not hosting webinars, she’s working closely with sales and marketing.