Conversational AI:
Go beyond chatbots

Building meaningful interactions for your brand is about more than just translating website content into simple chatbot responses.

Chatbots can serve a purpose but often fall short due to their narrow scope and easily exposed limitations, which will lead to more frustration for customers. Through the latest advances in deep learning and natural language understanding (NLU), conversational AI can elevate a customer’s experience into something truly transformational.

We’ll show you what the difference is between a chatbot and conversational AI.

Conversational AI future-proofs your business

Developed specifically to make life easier for customers of enterprises, conversational AI has the power to automate an unlimited number of customer interactions and give you a fast return on investment - with limitless potential.

Chatbots are designed to serve the same purpose, but they have to be built with the proper components to successfully deliver lasting business value



A shallow solution built on limited technology with a narrow scope. Chatbots can only provide the simplest functionality.

This Informational chatbot can answer questions defined in a knowledge set or FAQ

Virtual assistant


A proactive virtual assistant that can answer all your customer’s questions, no matter how they communicate.

Transactional chat is one of the three tenets of conversational AI and what makes the difference between a chatbot and a conversational AI platform

Virtual agent


With user authentication enabled, a virtual agent performs actions on a customer’s behalf, using their data for personalized service.

Our chatbot powered by conversational AI handles complex enterprise-driven tasks, and delivers measurable results

Virtual advisor


An advanced digital advisor that automates highly complex tasks,
such as insurance claims, mortgages, car loans and more.


Conversational AI vs. chatbot

What’s the difference between a chatbot and Boost AI’s Virtual Agent powered by conversational AI
There are several important differences between chatbots, virtual assistants and conversational AI

Conversational AI has the power to make customer experience exceed customer expectations

Download the guide and learn:

  • Why customers prefer chat

  • How conversational AI makes chat even better

  • The typical mistakes to avoid when automating
    customer interactions

  • Why conversational AI succeeds where chatbots fail

  • Insight into real world use-cases from the largest companies in the tech-savvy Nordic countries

Download the guide and learn how chatbots powered by conversational AI kan improve customer experience

Companies embracing conversational AI are seeing results:

Costumers can speak to AI-chatbots just as they would a live chat agent


less chat traffic to human support in 6 months

Automate and digitize customer support with conversational AI

10 000+

daily customer interactions automated

Improve customer service through our enterprise chatbot platform

7 in 8

customers think virtual agents are fast and easy

Our AI chatbot is based on the human capability of learning and absorbing information, but imbued with more efficiency.


increase in use - one year after launch


Get a quick and easy start on the road to success with AI

Sign up for a supercharged workshop and experience just how easy it is to automate customer interactions with conversational AI. 

Included in the two-day workshop:

  • Complete business case, made for your company

  • Defined scope, timeline and milestones

  • Hands-on with conversational AI

  • Build real customer intents to handle your FAQs - that you can test the same day

  • Advice on future API integrations and customizations for continued growth

  • Commitment from for minimum return of investment for each phase

  • And all at zero cost to you

Wondering what the difference is between conversational AI and a chatbot? Let us show you how AI can help revolutionize your customer interaction
Drive business and strengthen the relationship with your customers through every interaction with purpose-driven conversational AI - go beyond chatbots

Risk-free conversational artificial intelligence

A virtual agent built with technology comes with a world-first guarantee of successful automation.

Every virtual agent built with’s conversational AI has yielded a significant return on investment after a short time.

5 reasons chatbot projects fail and what you can do to avoid them

Discover what causes a typical chatbot project to stop dead in its tracks, and what you can do to avoid the same pitfalls.

A conversational AI-powered virtual agent can be a powerful tool for automating support and providing great user experiences. However, while in theory, this should be simple enough to achieve, we find that most existing chatbot systems are far from perfect.

How to successfully integrate a chatbot to your business, and what fails you need to avoid

You’ll be in good company

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