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January 11, 2022 1:00 PM

Omnichannel Strategies for 2022 and Beyond and zendesk logos

Important notice: Due to illness the webinar, originally scheduled to air on 9. December, has been moved. New date is January 11, 2022 at 1 pm ET/7 pm CET/10 am PT.

Social media has changed how customers expect to be able to interact with businesses, from supported channels to hours of availability. What is a true omnichannel service design, and how can automation and consistent messaging be achieved while access points continue to expand?

Tim Sheard from Zendesk will stop in to chat with’s Clay Cardozo about the opportunities and challenges that exist as organizations make this CX transition, and what can be done to align service design with natural customer behavior.

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  • What does omnichannel actually mean, and how is that different from multichannel?
  • Why can it be difficult for some organizations to transition to an omnichannel approach?
  • What are the benefits of this transition for the customer and the business?
  • What is needed to deploy an omnichannel strategy effectively?
  • Asynchronous versus synchronous messaging
  • How can conversational AI be used to streamline this strategy?
  • What the Zendesk and partnership means for CX

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Clay Cardozo
Head of Technology Partnerships

Clay focuses on how integrates and collaborates with technology companies that deliver key complementary solutions. Leveraging a background in financial services and UX design, he pursues a balance for service design in which the allocation of human and virtual resources allows each to focus on responsibilities to which they bring the most value.

Tim Sheard
Senior Manager - Zendesk Messaging Tech Alliance Partnerships

Based in Manchester UK, Tim has worked in the Live Chat and Messaging space since 2010 in a variety of technical, sales and more recently, partnership roles. Tim was part of which was acquired by Zendesk in 2019 to level up their live chat and social messaging capabilities. Tim has specialised in helping businesses and technology builders get to grips with the new wave of APIs that are opening up private messaging channels such as WhatsApp Business, Apple Business Chat and Google Business Messaging.