Virtual pension assistant

Getting to grips with pensions is tricky. They can be complex but, let’s be honest - they can also be a bit dull. Our module was created specifically to help customers by simplifying the complex and encouraging a better understanding of the world of pensions.

As one of the oldest and most well-established of’s modules, it has the flexibility to help external customers, but can also be used for internal employees. In fact, this is one of the unique selling points of the pension module.

The module is also fully customizable and reusable which allows it to fit to your business plans for today, while remaining flexible enough to accomodate any future changes.


A few of our pension clients


What's included in the pension module?


All too often people are afraid to ask questions about pensions. Our module makes understanding the subject much easier, and our virtual assistant is ready to give good, consistent and unbiased advice.


600+ pension intents

Our module is structured to help your customers improve their knowledge and understanding of pensions, step-by-step. With over 600 intents, our virtual assistants can answer any pension-related question, no matter how complex.

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Industry experience

We have been in the business of providing virtual assistants for the pension market for almost as long as we have been around. What we don’t know about the industry isn’t worth knowing, so you can have absolute faith in our experience.

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User authentication

Our virtual assistants have the capability to authenticate users. Once logged in, they can give specific and bespoke help to customers about their pensions, providing a far more user-centric service.


Rapid implementation

Your ambition to provide world-class customer service, coupled with our ability to provide an out-the-box solution for pensions, means you could be up and running with your virtual assistant within weeks.