Conversational AI for e-commerce

Supercharge online shopping experiences with AI

Scale up customer service and support with a consistent, 24/7 contact channel that can interface with existing customer data to drive engagement, boost sales and provide a more personalized shopping experience.

Conversational AI that empowers customers to help themselves

1 million+

customer interactions automated during peak shopping seasons


e-commerce topics automated out-of-the-box


developers needed to automate at scale


of the chatbots estimated to be in retail by 2023

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Improve Customer Experience

Give customers the brand interactions they deserve

Conversational AI makes it possible to automate queries on thouands of common e-commerce topics - from product information to order tracking - so that your customers get a frictionless and consistent experience every time.

conversational ai for insuranceconversational ai for insurance

Meet Mekonomen.
They use the platform to:

Successfully resolve
95% of chat
Transfer less than
of customers
to the contact center
Build and launch an
AI-powered virtual agent
in 2 months
It’s been great that the chatbot has been so reliable. From day one, it has done exactly what it is supposed to do.
Daniel Johansson
Digital Services Manager, ProMeister
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Promote sales and marketing campaigns

Provide personalized recommendations based on active campaigns for products that customers actually want. Your virtual agent can ask intelligent questions, interface with CRM systems and reference account information for a hollistic customer overview.

human handover

Re-engage the buying process

Avoid abandonded carts and help customers complete lingering orders by providing additonal information, suggesting alternative products and helping to resolve any issues druing the purchase process.

Automate 24/7 order support

Offer automated return processes and assist customers with inquiries outside of contact center hours, so they can keep shopping when it suits them, not you.

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Works with everything you already use

Natively integrate virtual agents with the other tech you depend on today.

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A virtual agent powered by conversational AI, developed and deployed in just 10 days

No-code conversation builder makes it easy to train, optimize and expand. No developers necessary

Scale your service, support and sales to any size. Unlimited scalability with prediction accuracy rates above 90%

Experienced support with over 250 live virtual agents in Europe and North America

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