Conversational IVR

Upgrade and automate phone support with AI

Our market-leading NLU changed the game in chat automation. Now we’re bringing our groundbreaking technology to transform and automate phone support with conversational IVR.


Say goodbye to “Press 5 to...”

Eliminate frustrating menu systems and reduce wait times. With conversational IVR, you let your customers speak naturally to get the answers they need, without the need for prompts or rigid menus.
Visualised  conversational IVR

Chat + IVR + AI = next-level self-service

Add conversational IVR to the mix and take your self-service rates beyond chat. Conversational AI from lets you automate both chat and IVR in one intuitive no-code platform.
Chat + IVR + AI

Ready to bring your phone support into the 21st century?

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Choose the best speech-to-text with online benchmarking

Our dedicated benchmarking tool makes it easy to test and compare multiple vendors and recognition models at the same time. This eliminates common barriers to conversational IVR deployment and saves you hundreds of hours in manual testing.

Integration partners that speak your language

Highly flexible on speech-to-text and text-to-speech

Customization is vital to any project, and Vier offers flexibility to supply the tools you need to best serve your customers. Preferences are selected in their voice platform and can assist with projects both cloud-based and on-premise.

Simple to integrate with well documented APIs

Twilio is a cloud communication platform that allows users to add conversational IVR as a channel for automation. Their APIs are well documented allowing for simple, hassle-free integration.

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