Conversational design vol 1: Interaction

Using data-driven insights to build better user experiences for your virtual agent

Learn everything you need to know about how conversational AI can help to leave a lasting, positive impression with your customers.

In ‘Conversational design vol. 1 - Interaction’, Dr. Cameron Taylor outlines a series of best practices to assist companies in maximizing the potential of conversational AI. Based upon research conducted on thousands of interactions between consumers and virtual agents, Dr. Taylor’s insights offer a unique look at how linguistic approaches are equally as important as technology for maximizing customer experience.

What you’ll learn:

Conversational AI is a powerful tool for automating customer interactions. To deliver a worthwhile customer experience, it’s important to look beyond  the technical aspects of the technology and also pay attention to the ways in which customers will interact with your virtual agent.

You’ll learn about:

  • How a virtual agent can influence customer behavior
  • Recommendations for how to navigate natural conversation barriers
  • What is necessary to improve longer conversation flows
  • The importance of a virtual agent’s pronouns
  • The secret weapon of interaction design

About the author

Dr. Cameron Taylor,
UX Research Lead,

Cameron holds a Doctorate of Linguistics from Cambridge University and has a deep understanding of the mechanics of language. He leads’s interaction design strategy helping to better understand how to enhance communication and user experience via data-driven research.