Always accessible and instantaneous citizen assistance

Citizens want everyday life to be easy with fast and easy online interactions with government and public services.

Across the Nordic public sector, government departments and municipalities are cooperating on digital transformation, and breaking down informational silos in the process.

With conversational AI, local, regional and national branches of governments, and companies in the public sector, are making themselves more accessible than ever to millions of people across 90+ organizations in the Nordics.

Governments and public sector are interested in chatbots as a primary method of interaction. has the best chatbot platform and is live in over 90 municipalities

A single window to multiple governmental agencies

Finland’s government has created a new user experience with the world’s first Virtual Agent Network.

The three virtual agents Migri (immigration), Vero (taxation) and Patentti- ja Rekisterihallitus (patent & company registration) are able to seamlessly “hand over” visitors to their digital colleagues when a user asks a question specific to each particular department - in the same chat window.

The Finnish government is using’s chatbot powered by conversational AI to assist citizens online
Chatbots powered by conversational AI are well on their way to becoming the default customer support solution for government services.

Instant and reliable from day one

From the moment of launch, your virtual agent is ready to resolve enquiries and provide consistent information, 24/7.

More than 4 000 of the most common questions are already pre-made and ready to go. This includes everything from opening hours for the local library to questions about parking fines, and everything in between.

Government chatbot: for accessible and efficient public services
Chatbots are a perfect solutions for government agencies

Virtual team synergies

Connect all the know-how spread across multiple departments to provide instant assistance in a single chat window.

Strength in numbers also applies to virtual agents. Connected in a Virtual Agent Network, the knowledge of each agent is always ready to step in if the situation requires their particular field of expertise.

Chatbot for Government and Public Services
Use the chatbot to support your citizens and provide instant answers for laws, policies and community-level activities

Power to the people

User authentication lets your virtual agent go beyond answering questions, acting on behalf of citizens to resolve issues.

Your virtual agent can perform a range of actions instantly in the chat window. This helps streamline capacity by alleviating your team from time-consuming repetitive tasks, and eliminates wait times for your citizens.

Conversational AI in local governance

Using virtual agents as the first point of contact, municipalities all over Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland have made life easier for millions of people.

Connected citizens now enjoy instant answers to questions about public services and easier navigation through the jungle of public data including fast-tracks to which forms to fill out.

Human public officials are liberated from spending endless hours on repetitive work, and can focus their attention on delivering a personalized and high-level service experience.


Modules for the entire public sector

From taxation, health care and transportation, to postal services and education - the companies that make up the public sector are a large and diverse ecosystem.

But they all have one thing in common, and that is that they are increasingly using Conversational AI to revolutionize the quality and availability of their services.

The virtual agent module for the public sector is a definitive first step towards the next generation of public administration and local governance