AI-powered conversational insurance

Automate claims handling, eliminate wait times and revolutionize your customer interactions with purpose-driven conversational insurance.

All the major insurance companies in the tech-savvy Nordic countries chose our market-leading conversational AI to build their digital insurance advisors - and are reaping significant rewards as a result.

Let’s have a chat about how your brand can take advantage of the groundbreaking technology that lets insurance companies automate and enhance even the most advanced customer interactions.

Automating with conversational AI for insurance
We specifically designed AI-powered conversational insurance to let companies drive business through customer interactions.
— Henry Vaage Iversen, Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer,
Conversational banking has increased our customer support capacity by 149,3%

Storebrand’s digital insurance agent successfully handles 70% of incoming traffic and deflects it from human customer support.

Read more about how one of Scandinavia’s largest insurance companies is seeing a significant return on its investment in conversational AI through increasing their support capacity, transforming customer interactions and upskilling existing staff to AI Trainers - all at the same time.

Storebrand measure and demonstrate a return on conversational AI platform for insurance

Conversational insurance ensures results


With pre-made content for thousands of insurance-specific customer enquiries and a ready-made framework for automating claims, conversational insurance has been tried, tested and proven to deliver measurable results and a quick return on investment.

AI chatbot in insurance lets you automate customer interactions

Automate claims handling

AI-powered conversational insurance gives you the ability to automate the entire claims handling process through dynamic conversations with customers.

Conversational AI for insurance can ease the burden of sales agents

Supercharge sales

Digital insurance agents can recommend and sell products by using the data you already have on your customers and become a trusted, always available advisor.

Automate customer support and sales with AI-powered chatbot

Delight existing customers

Offer your customers the insights they want by letting your digital insurance agent provide real-time status updates and see customer satisfaction skyrocket.

Lead generation and lead attribution through conversational AI (AI-powered chatbot)

Grow and convert

Even in the early informational phase, digital insurance agents can turn visitors into new customers through dynamic conversational abilities.


Wondering how we can be so sure that conversational insurance is the ideal solution for your company? Have a chat with our experts in conversational AI for insurance.


Market-leading software for building purpose-driven conversations

The AI admin panel is intuitive and user friendly, providing your AI Trainers with the tools they need to create natural and dynamic conversations:

  • Comprehensive analytics features to test, review and optimize content.

  • Powerful editor for designing and customizing conversation flows, giving purpose to every possible conversational outcome.

  • Easy-to-use features to add advanced components to your interactions, such as APIs, hidden buttons and IF-scenarios.

  • E-learning and knowledge base integrated directly in the admin panel, so that everything your AI Trainers need is in one place.


What our insurance clients are experiencing:

With conversational interfaces, users can have a natural talk or text conversation with a virtual insurance agent

149.3% increase in customer support capacity

Automating customer interactions through conversational AI (AI Chatbot)

607.8% increase in usage by customers - in just 1 year

Reduced need for support calls through an AI chatbot

Over 80% deflection from human customer support

Faster access to information by using conversational AI platform (chatbot) for customer service

Successfully handles 10 000 conversations every day