Insure customer satisfaction

There is no excuse for poor customer service. Especially when your company is responsible for the most important aspects in your customer’s lives.

It makes a world of difference knowing that someone has your back. With a virtual agent, insurance companies can automate claims handling and eliminate wait times so they can truly be there for customers in their hour of need.

Tryg, the Danish insurance company is using Boost AI’s chatbot to automate customer interactions

Tryg currently resolves 97% of all internal chat queries using conversational AI

With the help of artificial intelligence, support staff offer a better experience to millions of customers.

Danish insurance company, Tryg, uses conversational AI to augment its existing customer support staff. Employees use the company’s internal virtual agent to help find answers to customer queries with a success rate of 97%. This has seen the number of calls from support to back office teams drop substantially in just one year.

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Conversational insurance ensures results

Insurance chatbot powered by conversational AI: The Innovation of Customer Service


increase in customer support capacity

Boost AI’s insurance AI chatbot proactively engage customers by interacting with them


increase in usage by customers - in just one year

Boost AI provide insurance companies with conversational AI


interactions handled without human support

An AI-powered chatbot lets insurance companies automate and enhance even the most advanced customer interactions.

10 000+

daily customer interactions automated


Today’s insurance customers have sky-high expectations - and rightly so

Learn how conversational AI is transforming customer expectations in the financial services industry.

Find out what can financial institutions can do to maximize the quality of the customer journey and improve their bottom line with automation.

Within the digital insurance industry, the benefits and drawbacks of conversational AI-powered chatbots are an ongoing conversation.
Automate key parts of the claims handling process with AI-powered chatbot for insurance

Supercharging claims for both you and your customers

Let conversational AI automate key parts of claims process.

Filling in forms or waiting on hold to speak to an operator does not equal loyal customers. A virtual insurance agent can simplify the claims process and make it much faster - while still engaging customers through dynamic conversations - and connecting human support when necessary.

Insurance chatbots provide customer support during claims handling
Conversational AI for insurance lets you automate claims, eliminate wait times and revolutionize how customers interact with your company.

A ‘human touch’ on hand

Not all interactions should be automated. The trick is in intelligently figuring out which ones.

Knowing what to automate and when to pass customers on to a human operator is what makes conversational AI stand out from other solutions. Your virtual agent can intelligently identify when it’s appropriate to bring in a human colleague and supply them with a chat log so that they are immediately up to speed and ready to help.

Discover hos Boost AI’s Conversational AI chatbot are optimizing relationships and operations
One of the benefits of artificial intelligence-powered chat for the insurance industry: it can proactively engage customers

Guide customers to the right choices

Take the complexity out of insurance by acting as a trusted, always-available advisor.

By intelligently analyzing data, your virtual insurance agent can proactively advise customers on new products and services that will benefit them in the long run - and improve your bottom line through both sales and loyalty.

Insurance chatbot use cases - Storebrand

Top Nordic insurer automated 70% of chat traffic in four months

Storebrand also saw an increase in customers interacting with their virtual insurance agent by 162%.

Read about how Storebrand shed the insurance industry’s conservative image and connected with customers while reducing wait times and increasing its capacity to automate customer interactions.

How Storebrand increased customer interactions by 162% with their insurance chatbot

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Conversational AI has become a key factor in the digitization of today’s leading customer-facing insurance companies.

Risk-free conversational artificial intelligence

A virtual agent built with technology comes with a world-first guarantee of successful automation.

Every virtual agent built with’s conversational AI has yielded a significant return on investment after a short time.

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