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with boost.ai

Enterprise-grade features and integrations empower your business to get the most out of every customer interaction.


See how it works

We believe that building conversations should be just as smooth as experiencing them. Our intuitive software makes it easy to create natural and dynamic conversation flows for your digital advisor. 

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Smooth human handover

Integrate with leading live chat platforms to seamlessly transition customers to human support when a delicate touch is required. Let conversational AI handle the things it’s good at, so that your support teams can focus on more meaningful interactions that bring greater value to your brand.

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Deeper conversational understanding

Automatic Semantic Understanding (ASU) is an advanced deep learning algorithm developed in-house at boost.ai. It helps our digital advisors reduce the likelihood of bad false positives by over 90%, resulting in a greatly improved understanding of complex customer requests.

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Authenticated chat

Open up a world of possibilities by giving your digital advisor the power to act on behalf of customers. Using OpenID Connect, SAML and other methods to authenticate users, conversational AI can perform a range of advanced actions directly in chat, including deactivating stolen credit cards, transferring funds, upgrading subscriptions and more.

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Quality assurance

Quality assure your content before it hits the open web. We provide staging environments that give you full control over live and pre-production data as well as tools and filters that help the employees training your digital advisor to focus on the parts that are important to them.

After 20 years of implementing technical solutions, I can finally say that I’ve found a product that has given me more energy than grey hair.
— Glenn Sæther, Executive Vice President, Sparebank1 SR-Bank
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Connect virtual assistants together

Our pioneering Virtual Assistant Network (VAN) features give you the power to define your own network of virtual assistants all connected within a single chat window. Break down information silos between public sector departments or connect multiple digital advisors within a singular organization.


Other great features you’ll love


Fully-featured integrations

Compatible with the latest integrations including call center solutions, voice assistants, data warehouse support, API connectors and much more.

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GDPR & privacy compliant

Actively demonstrate compliance with GDPR through audit-able logs and the latest standards in data retention, anonymization and privacy.

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Developer APIs

Customise your chat windows. We give you a strong foundation to start from and let you build your own to best suit your brand.


Hosting: Cloud vs. On-premises

Whether you need the convenience of the cloud or the control that only dedicated on-premises hosting can provide, we can accommodate both.