Features made for enterprise

Conversational AI lets your company get the most out of every customer interaction.

Manage and optimize every detail of your new interactive experience with comprehensive features that give you the power to delight customers - over and over again.

Conversational AI platform for enterprise, that will allow flexible integration with external systems

Take control of your online customer interactions

Building a conversation should be just as smooth as having one.

With intuitive software, it’s easy to create natural and dynamic conversations for your virtual agent. You can even add advanced features, such as APIs, without any technical personnel required.


Keep the human touch - when it’s needed

Integrate with leading live chat platforms to seamlessly transition customers to human support when a delicate touch is required.

Embrace the power of automation, but remember that a virtual agent can also make your humans look good. Give your support teams focus, so they bring greater value to your brand with meaningful interactions when necessary.

What it takes to build enterprise-class chatbots
How to plan Chatbot Development at an Enterprise Level? We give you the features and integrations your company needs

So smart it even knows when it doesn’t know

Give your virtual agent the conversational intelligence that improves customer experience.

With ASU™ (Automatic Semantic Understanding), an advanced deep learning algorithm developed by boost.ai, your virtual agent understands exactly when a customer needs to talk to a human and exactly what human it should talk to.

Boost customer experience with our conversational AI platform
Give your customers an omni-channel experience by integrating our AI-powered chatbot

Unlock the power of

Give your virtual agent the power to act on behalf of customers and unlock a world of possibilities.

Your virtual agent is primed to perform a range of actions instantly in the chat window, thanks to compatibility with OpenID Connect, SAML and other methods to authenticate users. Let it handle the mundane tasks that you’re currently using humans for and watch self-service rates take off.

Conversational AI empower your business to get the most out of every customer interaction.
Our Virtual Agent, or chatbots, will future-proof your customer service

It’s ready when it’s ready

Embrace the safety of quality assurance on your content before it hits the open web.

Separate staging environments designed to give you full control over live and pre-production content. Take advantage of tools and filters that make updating your virtual agent easy and transparent.

Automate customer service with conversational AI bots that will transform your customer experience
One of the specialized features from boost.ai is the virtual agent network which allows you to connect all your chatbots in one network

Connect your virtual agents together

What if, when your virtual agent has trouble answering a question, it could forward that question to a separate virtual agent that specializes in that subject?

Boost.ai’s unique Virtual Agent Network (VAN) gives you the power to connect multiple virtual agents through a single chat window. Break down informational silos between departments - creating a one-stop-shop for information and transactions.

This is a mature technology that is clearly ready to be used.
— Ingjerd Blekeli Spiten, Group Executive Vice President - Retail Banking, DNB


 Other great features you’ll love

Our conversational AI technology has the integrations you need

Fully-featured integrations

Compatible with the software you need, such as call center solutions, voice, data warehouses, API connectors and much, much more.

We ensure that your chatbot is GDPR compliant

GDPR & privacy compliant

Actively demonstrate compliance with GDPR through audit-able logs and the latest standards in data retention, anonymization and privacy.

Our API framework allows us to create intelligent chatbots for any service

Customizable look and feel

Customize your avatar and chat windows to the specifications that best suit your brand thanks to developer APIs with no visual or technical restrictions.

Where would you like to host your chatbot?

Hosting: Cloud vs. On-premises

Choose between the speed and convenience of the cloud or the control that dedicated on-premises hosting can provide.