Södertälje Kommune

Södertälje kommune uses conversational AI to connect IoT, Open Data and RPA for 100,000 inhabitants

The Södertälje municipality is located in Stockholm County in Sweden and is home to over 100,000 inhabitants.

Under the banner ‘Digital Södertälje’, it leverages a number of digital systems including conversational AI, open data, internet of things (IoT), robotic process automation (RPA) and more to provide a fully-connected experience for its residents.

In August 2019, the municipality launched a virtual agent in partnership with Softronic and built on boost.ai’s Kommune-Kari multi-city platform (rebranded in Sweden as Kommune-Kim) to act as both a source of general information for residents and a front-end for interfacing with Södertälje’s various connected systems.

Kommune-Kim acts as a central knowledge hub for 15 municipalities in Sweden. Powered by boost.ai’s market-leading Natural Language Understanding (NLU), the platform allows for one single virtual agent that can be tailored for each municipality via a dedicated municipal module with more than 1,500 ready-to-go topics and answers.

Boost.ai’s no-code software allows employees from each municipality to easily train and maintain their respective virtual agents without any prior technical expertise.

In the case of Södertälje, the platform additionally allows for powerful integration with multiple connected systems. Residents can visit the Södertälje website and chat with Kommune-Kim to find out information in real-time related to the following:

  • Air quality levels
  • Parking occupancy levels via AI cameras
  • Water temperature at beaches
  • Availability of electric car charging stations
“The future of citizen service in the public sector is conversational AI and Voice. I find it inspiring that the municipality of Södertälje can work together with boost.ai to help improve the quality of life for our residents.”

- Tony McCarrik, Digitization Strategist, Södertälje Kommune.

This data-driven approach to integrating conversational AI with IoT and open data is a shining example of how chat-led automation can be used to enhance customer experience in the public sector. To date, Kommune-Kim averages approximately 600 conversations per week in the Södertälje municipality.

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