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Financial Chatbot Trends That Will Impact Fintech in 2021

The hype surrounding conversational AI is very real

You snooze, you lose, so they say. Keeping up with the most recent tech and market trends is simply the smart thing to do in a fast-moving digital world.

The future of finance is upon us, and it's time to make sure you're prepared. While computers are carrying tasks reserved for humans for years now - like loan approvals or stock trading, artificial intelligence is getting it's way on customer service, being able, thanks to the help and support of dedicated financial chatbots, to answer more and more complex inquires.

However, many organizations still struggle with how to pinpoint the real game-changers and, crucially, act on them to deploy a powerful innovation strategy.

Watch experts from DNB and outline how to capitalize on the key conversational AI trends impacting financial services in 2021.

Watch the webinar and learn:

  • What the dominant financial chatbot AI megatrends are, and how they will impact financial services in 2021?
  • Conversational AI hype vs reality. And why 2021 is the year of the self-learning financial chatbot
  • How other financial institutions used conversational AI to deploy advanced enterprise-ready solutions

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Monika Niedbalska (host)
Community Manager,

Monika’s pursuit is to make sure our community of conversational AI aficionados always stays informed. When she’s not hosting webinars, you’ll find her creating content for our emails and social media channels.

Jan Thomas Lerstein
Head of Emerging Technologies for IT Transformation, DNB

Jan Thomas has been with DNB for 20 years, where he has worked across a number of divisions helping to improve the customer experience in contact centers and customer service automation. Since 2018, he has headed up the IT Transformation division of DNB's Emerging Technology branch, working to harness the operational potential of the chat channel and chatbots on a large scale.

Anders Gjerde
Head of Service Delivery,

Anders leads the team responsible for the high-quality project delivery of's software, both directly with clients and through the company's partner program.

Mike Priest
Content Editor,

Mike’s job is to demystify the oft-complex world of conversational AI, and turn it into actionable insights. Before joining, he spent eight years as a magazine editor.