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The key to efficient delivery of conversational AI projects

Launching a conversational AI project can be a major undertaking. From ensuring key stakeholder buy-in to keeping things running on track, there are dozens of factors that even the most seasoned project managers can struggle with.

In this webinar, we focus on how you can get things done and avoid the common pitfalls that often befall a business as it rolls out its first, second or even third (yes, some people don’t learn from their mistakes!) virtual agent.

You’ll learn how to gain the necessary tools and confidence to smoothly deploy, manage and implement a virtual agent from our team of experts who, with over 200 successful project deliveries across Europe and North America, know a thing or two about delivering a conversational AI project.

What you will learn

  • How to establish a clear scope for your project, choose the right KPIs and many other critical success factors that lay a solid foundation - and ensure successful delivery.
  • The best practices to launching, managing and executing a conversational AI project.
  • Succeed with the ever after and go from good to great by analyzing data and making informed decisions on the next steps.

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Anders Gjerde
Head of Service Delivery,

Anders leads the team responsible for the high-quality project delivery of's software, both directly with clients and through the partner program.

Renate Usken
Delivery Manager US,

Renate has successfully supervised and managed implementations of virtual agents in numerous sectors including banking, insurance, telco and the public sector.