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Webinar: How conversational AI improves customer experience

Tuesday | May 7 | 11.00 AM PT

Discover how Norway’s largest bank is using virtual agents powered by conversational AI to reduce wait times and improve customer experience


What you’ll learn

  • Gain valuable insight on how to evaluate conversational AI solutions

  • Understand the role of an AI Trainer and how to best use internal resources

  • Learn the inside secrets to deploying the next generation in conversational artificial intelligence

In today’s on-demand world, customers have sky-high expectations…

They assume that the companies they interact with are available 24/7 with instant, helpful and personalized service - and rightly so. But what happens if you’re unable to offer a frictionless experience, and how can you start meeting the demands of the younger generations?

Putting customer experience first has never been more important than it is today.

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Experts from boost.ai and DNB will discuss how leading financial institutions in the Nordics are riding the enormous groundswell behind chat as a preferred communication channel for their customers.

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Henry Iversen

Co-founder & CCO, boost.ai

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Jan Thomas Lerstein

SVP & Head of IT Emerging Technologies, DNB


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What our clients are experiencing

Conversational AI in customer service will enhance your customer experience


reduction in all chat traffic
to customer support

Automated conversations with customers through conversational AI (AI chatbot)I

10 000+

automated conversations
with customers - daily

Automated conversations with customers through conversational AI


fewer incoming service-
related phone calls

Automated conversations with customers through conversational AI (AI chatbot)


increase in usage
in just 1 year