Virtual banking assistant

The pre-made module for virtual assistants in banking is equipped with thousands of user intents, covering most of the common banking questions. 

The module has been under constant development since its first virtual assistant launched, with roughly 500 user intents, at the start of 2017. Today, it contains over 2000 pre-made, banking-specific user intents and responses, and we keep expanding its coverage.

Through's support for user authentication, such as BankID, the module comes equipped with the capability to act on the user's behalf and complete tasks for them, such as blocking lost or stolen cards or applying for loans.


Some of our banking clients


Key features of the banking module


Our banking module is a tried and tested foundation on which to build a virtual assistant, a solid starting point for banks who are ready to implement the next generation of customer service but who want to make the process as efficient as possible.

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2000+ banking intents

No robot understands what a bank customer needs better than a virtual assistant built on this module. It includes over 2000 user intents, covering the vast majority of banking-specific subject matters.

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User authentication

When a customer has been identified and authenticated, the virtual assistant has the necessary permission to efficiently assist them with requests that would normally require them to use online banking.

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Built on experience has supplied virtual assistants to over 15 major banks since 2016. Our unique experience with digitizing customer services in the banking sector puts this module into a class of its own.

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Quick implementation

Our module has become the perfect starting point for innovative banks. All that is required is customized chat responses before the first version of the virtual banking assistant can be launched.


Nova currently handles all Nordea's chat messages from customers who are not logged in to their online bank.