Virtual assistant for the public sector

The virtual assistant module for the public sector is a definitive first step towards the next generation of public administration and local governance.

This pre-made module contains more than 4 000 of the most common questions in the public sector. The included user intents range from questions about opening hours for the local library to parking fines, rubbish collection - and everything in between. It is a unique and effective foundation which offers citizens instantaneous service, around the clock.

Our module has been embraced by the public sector in Scandinavia and is the foundation of Kommune-Kari, a virtual assistant currently employed by nearly 100 municipalities across Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway.


Clients in the public sector

Within a matter of months, Kommune-Kari became the virtual assistant of choice in the Scandinavian public sector. Closing in on her 50th Norwegian municipality and serving well over 1.000.000 citizens, her services have revolutionized the quality and availability of public administration.

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What's included in the public sector module?


The citizens of different cities, municipalities or counties often have the same questions, but need different answers. The public sector module has been designed to effectively solve this issue in a uniquely effective way.

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4000 user intents

With a foundation of more than 4000 of the most frequently asked questions, you can quickly improve your service offer by providing consistent information to citizens, while relieving your staff from their more mundane tasks.


Multi-agent solution

To promote expansion and cooperation, offers the possibility to build several digital public servants within the same admin panel. This means they can provide different responses based on location or other factors.

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User authentication

Enable your virtual assistant to act on behalf of citizens with the ability to identify and authenticate users. The digital public servant, able to assist citizens with tasks specific to them, is officially within reach. 

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Built on experience

The module is currently in use by over 50 Scandinavian municipalities, helping them modernise the service they offer their citizens. You can build on that very strong foundation and immediately benefit from our experience.


"We wanted to be one of the early adopters of digitization. This is a very exciting project."

- Sondre Andersen, Head of IT, Sandefjord municipality, the first employer of Kommune-Kari