Virtual assistant for insurance

The insurance module contains the vast majority of user intents that are required to handle customer claims, in addition to an extensive amount of pre-made content for both customer service and sales.

This module makes the claims handling process significantly easier and more accessible, simultaneously increasing the accuracy of the incoming data and making the entire process more efficient.

Equipped with pre-made coverage for a wide variety of claims, the insurance module is a great foundation to build on, enabling you to spend more time on integrating other, more advanced features, such as user authentication.

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A few of our insurance clients


What's included?


Claims handling can be a delicate process that requires precision when gathering relevant data. Through a virtual claims handler, that process becomes significantly easier and potentially more consistent and accurate, available 24/7.


Claims-specific intents

No robot can interpret a claimant's needs better than a virtual assistant built on this module. Several hundred intents, covering the vast majority of insurance claims, are included.

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Built on experience has been supplying virtual assistants to several major insurance companies since 2016. When it comes to digitalising insurance, our experience is unparallelled.

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User authentication

Enable your virtual assistant to act on behalf of your customers with the ability to identify and authenticate users. The digital customer service representative of the future can be yours today. 

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Rapid implementation

This module is the perfect starting point for innovative insurance companies. All you need to do is customise the chat responses before launching the first version of your virtual insurance assistant.