Virtual assistant for human resources

A virtual assistant working in internal support, especially in HR, is a digital employee with incredible potential.  

Start your journey toward the organizations of the future with the pre-made module for internal support. Covering common questions and enquiries organizations face every day - such as leave, vacation, salary or travel expenses - the internal support module is a solid foundation to expand on as staff become accustomed to instant digital support.

Combine this module with user authentication and have the ability to provide employees with cost-effective individual assistance without losing the compassion and sensitivity of human support.


One of our first HR virtual assistants


Key features of the internal support module


Employees of different organizations often have the same questions, but need different answers. Our HR module has been designed to effectively solve this issue in a cost-effective way that provides instantaneous help, around the clock, from their new digital colleague.


Hundreds of intents

The module comes equipped with a ready-made user intents, covering subjects such as regulations, leave, salary, on boarding, pension, insurance, travel, recruitment and announcements - but the potential is limitless.

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Built on experience is supplying virtual assistants specializing in internal support to several major Scandinavian companies. Our experience in this field is unique and market-leading.

user authentication.png

User authentication

Enable your virtual assistant to act on behalf of your employees with the ability to identify and authenticate users. The digital HR representative of the future is waiting to serve. 

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Rapid implementation

The module has become the perfect starting point for innovative organizations that wish to enhance their internal support services quickly, instantly offering their employees the help that they need.