Telecom virtual assistant

Telecom customers have many and diverse questions. Virtual assistants, built on the telecom module, will immediately understand what they're asking for and offer them the service required to satisfy their needs. 

Our telecom definition is very broad, but so is the reach of the 1000+ pre-made user intents that have been loaded into this "plug and play" module for the telecom industry. 

Consider adding the ability to authenticate users and the virtual telecom assistant can provide a similar level of service to their human colleagues in the service centre - for a fraction of the cost.


Some of our telecom clients

What's included in the telecom module?


The telecom module is an established foundation on which to build a virtual assistant and an effective starting point for telecom companies who are ready to quickly implement the future of customer service - without spending valuable resources setting it up.

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1000+ telecom intents

No robot understands what your customer wants better than a virtual assistant built on this module. Over 1000 user intents, covering the vast majority of telecom subjects, are included.

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User authentication

Enable your virtual assistant to act on behalf of your customers with the ability to identify and authenticate users. The digital customer service representative of the future is well within your reach. 

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Industry experience has already provided virtual assistants for several major telecom companies. When it comes to digitizing telecom customer service, our experience is unique - which is evident in our module.


Expansive knowledge

The telecom module is a solid starting point for any innovative telecom company, whether they supply internet connections, mobile services, television signals or all of the above.