Using AI to make online experience simple for everyone

Virtual agents take care of the tedious and repetitive tasks that steal time and drain energy from support teams and customers alike.

Whether you are looking to improve customer experience, or work smarter as a team, conversational AI should be at the heart of your digital strategy. A virtual agent can deliver amazing results, and help win the hearts and minds of customers who interact with your brand on a daily basis.

Boost AI is developing AI chatbots for enterprises; both for customers and employees

A digital employee with unlimited potential

Companies are helping to turbo-charge employee productivity with conversational AI.

Imagine what your team can achieve with a virtual colleague who can answer questions instantly, perform tasks on your behalf, and put you in touch with the right person to keep a project moving forward.

With Boost AI’s chatbot, you can easily assist employees in their everyday job by automating repetitive tasks
Chatbot powered by conversational AI for internal employees
Direktoratet for Økonomistyring is one of our clients that implemented an internal chatbot for their workforce

Demystifying the pension process, for everyone

Able to offer personalized advice about retirement, virtual agents are an ideal way to assure future financial security.

Help customers who are hesitant to ask questions about saving for the future with a virtual agent that can provide financial estimates or offer advice to how they can start saving for retirement.

Internal chatbots can boost employee satisfactions in your workplace. Talk to us about how it’s relevant for your internal communications and how conversational AI can make an impact on employees experience
Examples of digital workplace chatbots - Nordea
AI chatbots are now a part of the digital workplace for one of the largest bank in Norway
Boost AI have delivered AI-powered chatbot for Storebrand

Delivering the goods
in a global economy

Conversational AI makes the uncertainty of waiting for the mailman a thing of the past.

With a virtual agent, couriers and postal services can easily provide customers with instantaneous access to tracking status, delivery times, customs clearance, shipping rates and every other question that increases waiting times for complex enquiries with human support.

Made especially for you

Designed to make your brand stand out in the age of instant gratification, a virtual agent can delight customers like nothing else.

Are you a provider of labour and welfare services and want to help citizens access crucial information? Or is giving passengers a quick and easy way to order their next ride crucial to your transportation business? 

Any company with a high volume of online customer traffic can benefit from a virtual agent. A rich selection of features lets you manage and optimize every detail of your new interactive experience.


Boost AI’s conversational chatbot understands the context of the conversation and can handle any user goal - see all the features our platform can provide

Get a quick and easy start on the road to success with AI

Sign up for a supercharged workshop and experience just how easy it is to automate customer interactions with conversational AI. 

Included in the two-day workshop:

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  • Hands-on with conversational AI

  • Build real customer intents to handle your FAQs - that you can test the same day

  • Advice on future API integrations and customizations for continued growth

  • Commitment from for minimum return of investment for each phase

  • And at zero cost to you