Humble origin, huge ambition


In the summer of 2016,’s three co-founders - Lars, Henry and Hadle - were presented with a challenge: a large Norwegian bank wanted them to deliver a chatbot that could outperform all other options available on the market at the time.

The benchmark they set for themselves was against a US-based vendor the bank had been researching that specialized in chatbots for banking, making for an ambitious task, but one that the trio believed was eminently achievable. In fact, in only two months they had built a chatbot that was easily on-par with their benchmark, and by the three month mark had far surpassed it, creating a far more advanced conversational AI that could future-proof their business for years to come.

The team’s dedication to the project, combined with Lars’ killer code, impressed their banking client so much that they signed a contract with them on the spot. In addition to implementing their conversational AI across their entire digital platform, they also recognized the trio’s potential as a major investment opportunity. This lead to the bank opening a seed funding round, and ultimately purchasing a small equity share, helping to kickstart what we know today as

A meteoric rise

Word quickly spread about’s groundbreaking conversational AI. It garnered the newly-founded company significant praise in national media as a disruptive technological force, opening up the floodgates to countless new clients looking to get in on transforming their business with conversational AI.

Within 12 months, Lars, Henry and Hadle had managed to successfully grow from a humble startup of just a few scrappy Norwegian coders to a fully-functioning company with over 40 dedicated employees from all corners of the globe. By the summer of 2017, the two largest banks in the Nordics had signed on, helping to cement as a market leader, principally responsible for the digitization of many major organizations across not only banking, but also the insurance, pension, telecoms and public sectors. has proven time and again that thanks to its leading technology, user friendly software and focus on helping companies maximize the customer experience with artificial intelligence, it is able to meet the tough demands placed on it by a tech-savvy Nordic marketplace, ensuring that every project delivers well beyond expectations.

A bright future

In February 2018, a Series A funding round was led by a Norwegian venture capital firm, injecting US$5 million into, helping to set the company up for its next phase.

With offices established in Los Angeles, and over 90 clients in Northern Europe, we have begun to expand into new markets and are continuing to grow our technology. In building out our virtual agent network, and supporting a burgeoning new AI Trainer profession, we have grand plans for conversational AI, and can’t wait to show them to you.

Our humble beginnings have blossomed into huge ambitions and, as we now go toe-to-toe with the US tech giants, we know we have what it takes to conquer the global market and become the first Norwegian unicorn.