Customer service automation with Boost AI

Start connecting right away

Save hundreds - if not thousands - of hours in setup time.

Building a virtual agent can be a daunting task, but with industry expertise and
over 1 000 pre-built intents covering a range of telecom-related subjects you can be ready to launch in weeks, not months.

With an ai bot your company can create a self-service customer service
The telecom module is an established foundation on which to build an AI-powered chatbot and an effective starting point for telecom companies who are ready to quickly implement the future of customer service

Empower customers to help themselves

Go beyond simply answering questions.

User authentication makes it easy to automate actions that would normally require the help of a human operator. A virtual agent can act on behalf of customers to upgrade plans, dispatch devices, check account balance and much more.

Customer service chatbot automates interactions and creates a self-service experience
Some of the top advantages of using AI chatbots for customer service in the telecom industries is that they can provide the users with technical support and transfer customers to human support if needed

Human assistance, on call

Human support when needed. A virtual agent for everything else.

Conversational AI is masterful at answering questions about your business and automating the kinds of interactions that would take up precious time for human employees. For more nuanced queries, your virtual agent is also smart enough to know what it doesn’t understand and seamlessly transfer customers to someone who can help.