Industry modules for virtual assistants

A major advantage of the James platform is that you can build your bespoke virtual assistant on a pre-made industry module.

A pre-made industry module contains thousands of user intents which already contain the necessary data and includes extensive support for several languages. The modules are a part of's market-ready virtual assistant package, built with our unique and extensive domain knowledge.

A module will save you hundreds - if not thousands - of hours of work and is the perfect starting point for a quick return on investment.

Build your virtual assistant on a pre-made industry module.

Our modules for virtual assistants

Our industry modules will help you get a head start on building a virtual assistant, which can quickly and easily be tailored to your organization.

AI chatbot module for banking


With over 2000 ready-made user intents and support for advanced features, the banking module can help you cover practically any bank related question from day one.

AI chatbot module for telecom


Telecom customers have many and varied questions. The telecom module is pre-trained to understand their questions and provide them with a range of options.  

AI chatbot module for public sector

Public sector

The public sector module makes it easy to provide your citizens with 24/7 virtual assistance, something that over 70 Scandinavian municipalities are already doing. 

AI chatbot module for HR

Human resources

Quickly and efficiently enhance the internal workings of your organization - in HR for instance - with the help of this comprehensive and unique module.

AI chatbot module for insurance


The insurance module benefits both the insurer and the insured, making what are usually time-consuming claims handling processes a breeze for you and your customers.

AI chatbot module for pension


Our pension module makes pensions easy for everyone, and provides a great starting point for companies that want to offer their clients the necessary help to make their future securesafe.