Zoom chat - Virtual Agent

Zoom Chat + boost.ai

Easily connect your organization’s AI-powered virtual agent with Zoom Chat to supercharge productivity and internal communication.

Drive down support costs and engage with members of your organization 24/7 with our user-friendly conversational AI platform. The boost.ai Zoom integration has been specifically developed for enterprises that use Zoom Chat as their main channel for internal communication. Connect your existing boost.ai virtual agent with Zoom Chat to provide employees 24/7 access to content via a user-friendly virtual agent powered by conversational AI.

Installation guide


Zoom admin account
Boost.ai admin account


1. From the boost.ai adminpanel, choose “settings” -> “integrations”
2. Select Zoom integration and click “activate”
3. The activation link will redirect you to your Zoom environment

Uninstall guide (PDF)
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