The only AI that understands all your customers

The most important thing is serving your customer, but in order to serve them you have to understand them.

With a virtual agent built on the world’s most advanced conversational AI, you can do that better than anyone else.

Conversational AI platform for enterprises using machine learning and natural language technology to understand customers

Phase 1:

Informational chatbots are sufficient for answering FAQs that might make up 80% of support queries

Your customers get all the answers and guidance they need - 24/7, instantly and in any language. You automate thousands of interactions every day.

When: 4-8 weeks

Phase 2:

Develop an intelligent transactional chatbot that is able to understand natural language and help a customer perform a set of operations.

You connect the virtual agent to your systems and let it perform personalized, core business functions directly in chat on behalf of logged-in customers.

When: 3-6 months

Phase 3: transformation

A conversational chatbot understands the context of the conversation

Direct messaging has become the favourite channel of your customers. The virtual agent analyses, advises, sells and up-sells based on customer data.

When: 6-12 months


Get a quick and easy start on the road to success with AI

Sign up for a supercharged workshop and experience just how easy it is to automate customer interactions with conversational AI. 

Included in the two-day workshop:

  • Complete business case, made specifically for your company

  • Defined scope, timeline and milestones

  • Hands-on experience with conversational AI

  • Build real customer intents to handle your FAQs - that you can test the same day

  • Advice on future API integrations and customizations for continued growth

  • Commitment from for minimum return of investment for each phase

  • And all at zero cost to you

Sign up for a two-day workshop with Boost AI and experience the benefits of implementing AI-powered chatbot to your business
Successful automation with Boost AI

Risk-free conversational artificial intelligence

A virtual agent built with comes with a world-first guarantee of successful automation.

Every virtual agent built with’s conversational AI has yielded a significant return on investment after a short time.

How to successfully automate customer interactions:

Find the balance between automation and human support

Define scope and abilities for the virtual agent.

Gartner has estimated that by 2020, 85% of customer interactions with a company will be handled without human involvement.

Integrate it with your 
customer support team. 

AI in customer service to both augment and replace human agents

Make it visible and accessible to drive traffic.

Personalize content delivery and have meaningful conversations with customers at scale.

Set up proactive assistance for high volume use cases.

Conversational AI with the power to make customer experience exceed customer expectations

Download the guide and learn:

  • Why customers prefer chat

  • How conversational AI makes chat even better

  • The typical mistakes to avoid when automating
    customer interactions

  • Why conversational AI succeeds where chatbots fail

  • Insight into real world use-cases from the largest companies in the tech-savvy Nordic countries

Read how virtual agents built with conversational AI have improved customer experience in the financial service