Automate customer interactions with conversational AI

In today’s on-demand world, where everyone is always online, your customers have sky-high expectations.

They assume that every company that they interact with online is available 24/7 with instant, helpful and personalized service - and rightly so.

But what happens if you’re unable to offer a frictionless experience, and how can you start meeting the demands of the younger generations?

Learn how conversational AI improves customer experience by automating customer interactions
Create more personalized customer experiences, instant and accurate responses with Conversational AI technology

What you’ll learn:

  • Why customers prefer chat

  • How conversational AI makes chat even better

  • The typical mistakes to avoid when automating
    customer interactions

  • Why conversational AI succeeds where chatbots fail

  • Insight into real world use-cases from the largest companies in the tech-savvy Nordic countries

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Norway’s largest bank uses’s CX technology to automate their customer interactions

“The results are a lot better than we expected after such a short time”

Norway’s largest bank cut wait times and supercharged their customer experience with a virtual banking agent.

Either by resolving enquiries on the spot or forwarding them to its human colleagues, DNB’s virtual banking agent reduced traffic to live chat by 50% after just 6 months.

Digital transformation that works


Times are changing for how customers want to interact with companies. Many of the world’s leading companies have taken the leap - and are reaping incredible rewards:

Use a virtual agent in customer service to automatically answer repetitive questions


less chat traffic to human support in just 6 months

Our chatbot powered by conversational AI is capable of understanding any customer request. Download our Customer Experience Guide to read use-cases


increase in use, only one year after launch of virtual agent

Automate conversations with customers through AI-powered chatbot


daily automated customer interactions with conversational AI

Let us show you how conversational AI chatbot will future-proof your customer service

Risk-free conversational artificial intelligence

A virtual agent built with technology comes with a world-first guarantee of successful automation.

Every virtual agent built with’s conversational AI has yielded a significant return on investment after a short time.

Our technology improves customer satisfaction