Conversational design vol. 2: Visibility

How to maximize user experience for your virtual agent

What happens once your virtual agent is up and running? How do you position it so that customers benefit the most out of every interaction? What do you need to start thinking about to improve a user’s experience when interacting with a virtual agent?

We explore these questions (and more!) in our guide, ‘Conversational design vol. 2 - Visibility’. Drawing from the experience and expertise of deploying more than 200 live virtual agents, with an accumulated total of over 10 million conversations, we look at the approaches and methods companies are using to increase virtual agent engagement by up to 300%.

What you’ll learn:

This guide not only focuses on the importance of conversational AI as a medium, but also the practical applications and best practices that can help a business maximize the impact a virtual agent can have on both its business and the overall customer experience.

You’ll learn about:

  • Why visibility matters
  • Key visibility principles
  • Different approaches to boost engagement
  • Use cases & results - see how others have succeeded

Download the guide and discover how to increase virtual agent engagement.