Conversational design vol. 3: Avatars

Considerations, approaches and recommendations for virtual agent avatar design

A key step toward successfully launching a virtual agent is designing a suitable avatar. First impressions matter and a well-thought-out avatar allows your business to decide how you want customers to perceive a virtual agent before they even begin interacting with it.

In this guide, ‘Conversational design vol. 3: Avatars’, we explore a variety of approaches to avatar design based on trends we have seen emerge among our client base and our own research into human-machine interaction.

What you’ll learn:

Virtual agent avatar design is a complex process that takes into account everything from market research and customer expectations to branding and marketing guidelines. This guide will help you cut through the noise and focus on the important aspects to consider when developing a unique visual personality for your virtual agent.

You’ll learn about:

  • Taking ownership of the design process
  • Setting expectations with customers via design cues
  • The importance of building trust through design
  • Matching avatar personality with your brand