An overview of the technology behind the conversational AI that powers the world's most advanced virtual agents

Start simplifying the customer’s experience

Technology can to do extraordinary things. Like give customers instantaneous access to everything in your company - on their own terms.

Conversational AI has the power to turn each one of those interactions into a positive experience that resonates long after the chat window closes.

Conversational AI that understands when a human touch is the best option

With’s ASU™ (Automatic Semantic Understanding), your virtual agent has the conversational intelligence to truly understand every customer.

Your virtual agent not only recognizes what customers are asking for, but also places importance on the context of their questions. That gives it the power to understand exactly if and when it should forward a customer to human support.

Go beyond chatbots and boost customer satisfaction with conversational AI

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

- Arthur C. Clarke, author and futurist

Conversational AI is effortless but there’s no sleight of hand involved.

It’s just the world’s most advanced conversational AI, built in-house with the secret sauce of natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLU) - and the deep learning necessary to continually improve itself.

The technology behind a conversational AI platform goes far beyond a simple chatbot

From inquiry to experience in six steps

On of the benefits of using a chatbot powered by conversational AI in your business is that it prevents customers from waiting a day or longer to receive responses

1. Be where your customers are

Chat is the preferred channel for the digitally-native generation.

If a customer wants to find your opening hours, pay a bill or file an insurance claim they won’t wait around. A virtual agent makes your brand accessible 24/7 on the web and via popular services like Skype, Messenger and Slack.’s B2C chatbot uses text-processing to clean up messy, complicated queries

2. Filter out the noise

Each of your customers are different, so make sure you understand slang, dialect and misspelling.

Using everything from language detection and spelling correction to splitting up combined words, conversational AI applies text-processing
to clean up messy, complicated queries into information your virtual agent can action on.

Our Virtual Agent can understand unstructured text and fully grasp the context of the conversation

3. The understanding that helps

Built on a multi-level intent hierarchy, your virtual agent is able to fully grasp the context of any conversation.

Done via an ensemble of prediction models including convolutional neural networks (CNN) and recurring neural networks (RNN), it’s all highly scaleable and incredibly accurate.

One of the main benefits of using our chatbot is that you can automate highly complex tasks and perform actions on a customer’s behalf

4. Respond your way

User-friendly software makes building dynamic responses easy.

From answering simple question with pre-defined answers to performing advanced tasks on a customer’s behalf, you have the flexibility to shape your virtual agent into the ultimate ambassador for your brand.’s chatbot is GDPR compliant

5. Keep it secret, keep it safe

Privacy is paramount in any online interaction.

Developed in the Nordic market, the strictest in the world when it comes to privacy matters, your virtual agent is equipped with the tools to secure your customers’ data in accordance with GDPR, as well as local laws and regulations. You also own all the data and content in your virtual agent.

Our conversational AI platform gives you insight into how you can improve customer experience

6. Learn, adapt and improve

There’s always room for improvement, which is why your virtual agent is able to develop itself further with every customer interaction.

Analytics and deep conversation data provide unique insight into customer trends and what to improve upon, helping to deliver the best customer experience possible.


How virtual agents work and why you should care

“Conversational AI does not consist of a single learning artificial intelligence. It’s built from a variety of composite parts that make up the greater whole.”’s Chief Data Scientist, Abhishek Thakur, delves into the technicalities of what it takes to surpass the current limitations of ordinary chatbots. Recommended reading for those who want to get technical about conversational AI.

Learn how chatbots powered by conversational AI works and get an understanding of the technology behind’s platform