Online banking
is all about the experience

Customers expect you to be available at all times with frictionless and instant online support.

A virtual agent powered by conversational AI is an easy way to both meet and exceed customer expectations today - and future-proof your business at the same time.

Transform the online banking experience with conversational banking, an AI-powered chatbot that blurs the line between human and machine

Results exceeding every expectation

DNB, one of the biggest banks in the Nordics, successfully automated 51% of their chat traffic in just 6 months.

The remaining 49% are seamlessly forwarded to human advisors - in the same chat window - creating a supercharged customer experience where wait times are a thing of the past.


Making a real impact on online banking

What banks are reporting shortly after launching a virtual banking agent from

With conversational AI, users can have a natural talk or text conversation with a virtual agent


less chat traffic to human support in 6 months

Conversational banking lets your company automate customer interactions

10 000+

daily customer interactions automated

With purpose-driven online banking chatbot you can improve customer experience

7 in 8

customers think virtual agents are fast and easy to use

Grow business and strengthen the relationship with your customers through our financial chatbot


increase in users - one year after launch

Are customers left with a great lasting impression of your bank?

Learn how conversational AI can significantly improve customer experience in the financial services industry.

Find out what financial institutions can do in order to maximize the quality of the customer journey and - ultimately - improve their bottom line.

Read how virtual agents built with conversational AI have improved customer experience in the financial service
Let us show you how chatbots in the banking and financial industry can improve customer experience

Pre-made content for a quick start

Your new virtual agent comes equipped with pre-trained banking content to provide instant and reliable customer support right out of the box.

Pre-built content means you will be off to a flying start. With over 2,500 banking-specific intents - covering all the most frequently asked questions and support for advanced integrations - it’s everything your bank needs to quickly take automated customer interactions to the next level.

Strengthen the relationship with your customers with purpose-driven conversational banking
Wondering how conversational banking can help revolutionize your bank’s customer interaction?

Next-level understanding

Conversational intelligence is about understanding when it’s appropriate to forward more complex cases to human support.

Banking queries are not always cut and dry and some transactions are sometimes better handled by support staff. Your virtual agent is smart enough to route more complex interactions that, when solved successfully, makes sure the customer experience doesn’t suffer. Give your customers the best of both worlds and they’ll never leave.

Boost AI’s banking chatbot performs actions on a customer’s behalf, using their data for personalized service.
Give your customers 24/7 access to your bank with conversational banking technology. Boost your Online Banking with an AI-powered chatbot

Go beyond answering the FAQ

Empower customers to take charge of their banking experience through self-service.

Interactions such as cancelling a card or transferring funds should be effortless. User authentication allows your virtual agent to go beyond questions and answers and complete advanced transactions faster than any human operator.

Read Sparebank 1’s chatbot use case

Successfully executing a ‘chat-first’ strategy

Sparebank 1 SR-Bank’s virtual agent, Banki, increased customer support capacity by 149.3%

Thanks to conversational AI, Sparebank 1 SR-Bank is able to automate over 23 000 interactions per month - the equivalent of 20 full-time employees.


Get a quick and easy start on the road to success with AI

Sign up for a supercharged workshop and experience just how easy it is to automate customer interactions with conversational AI. 

Included in the two-day workshop:

  • Complete business case, made for your bank

  • Defined scope, timeline and milestones

  • Hands-on with conversational AI

  • Build real customer intents to handle your FAQs - that you can test the same day

  • Advice on future API integrations and customizations for continued growth

  • Commitment from for minimum return of investment for each phase

  • And at zero cost to you

Strengthen the relationship with your customers with purpose-driven conversational banking. Wondering how conversational AI can help revolutionize your bank’s customer interaction?
Drive business and strengthen the relationship with your customers through every interaction with purpose-driven conversational banking.

Risk-free conversational artificial intelligence

A virtual agent built with technology comes with a world-first guarantee of successful automation.

Every virtual agent built with’s conversational AI has yielded a significant return on investment after a short time.

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