Conversational banking, realized

Drive business and strengthen the relationship with your customers through every interaction with purpose-driven conversational banking.

With AI-powered digital banking advisors currently deployed in more than 20 banks in the tech-savvy Nordic countries,’s conversational banking is transforming customer relationships forever.

Wondering how conversational AI can help revolutionize your bank’s customer interaction? We’ll help you figure out how you can get the most value from every interaction with your brand.

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Digital banking advisors built with conversational AI banking
Our digital banking advisor has several thousand conversations every day and has already spoken with half a million customers. The results are a lot higher than we expected after such a short time.
— Øyvind Brekke, EVP - Head of Digital Innovation (Personal Banking), DNB
Conversational AI banking for DNB

Norway’s largest bank was searching for a solution to effectively manage the high volume of customer inquiries received via its website.

Since its launch in June 2018, DNB’s digital banking advisor Aino is now successfully resolving 50% of all customer interactions and has spoken to over half a million customers.

Aino acts as first-line support for customers who engage with the bank through chat, helping them resolve their issues or directing them to a human being if necessary.


Conversational banking delivers


Built on a tried and tested foundation, conversational AI gives banks an efficient and cost-effective way to easily implement the next phase of digitizing and automating customer interaction.

Conversational ai banking intents

2,000+ banking intents

Pre-built content designed specifically for banking, covering all the most frequently asked questions - and much more!

conversational ai banking supercharge your digital banking advisor

User authentication

Let your customers log themselves in to secure chat and supercharge your digital banking advisor’s capabilities.

automate your bank with AI-powered digital banking

Proven business value

With a unique track record in banking, we know how to transform and automate your bank with AI.

Compatible conversational AI banking

Compatible and ready

GDPR features make compliance a breeze, with pre-made compatibility for rigorous security requirements


Market-leading software for building purpose-driven conversations

The AI admin panel is intuitive and user friendly, providing your AI Trainers with the tools they need to create natural and dynamic conversations:

  • Comprehensive analytics features to test, review and optimize content.

  • Powerful editor for designing and customizing conversation flows, giving purpose to every possible conversational outcome.

  • Easy-to-use features to add advanced components to your interactions, such as APIs, hidden buttons and IF-scenarios.

  • E-learning and knowledge base integrated directly in the admin panel, so that everything your AI Trainers need is in one place.

Conversational banking has increased our customer support capacity by 149,3%

“Banki has increased our customer support capacity by 149.3%.”

Sparebank 1 SR-Bank’s digital banking assistant, Banki, has helped the Norwegian bank see a significant ROI in conversational AI.

What our banking clients are experiencing

With conversational interfaces, users can have a natural talk or text conversation with a digital advisor

149.3% increase in customer interaction capacity

Grow business through conversational banking

607.8% increase in monthly conversations in just 1,5 years

automate conversations through artificial intelligence

4/5 questions satisfied without the need for human support

Conversational AI banking automate customer interactions

Successfully handles 10 000 conversations every day