ASU: from predicting to understanding

Through automatic semantic understanding (ASU), conversational AI makes sense of even your most complex customer interactions.

Figuring out what your customers really want shouldn’t be an uphill battle. With a bit of understanding - and some advanced tech - conversational AI takes the hard work off your hands and the frustration from your customers’ minds.

We understand how the machine learning models think and extract their semantic understanding. This helps drive conversations that would stall in lesser solutions, meaning you never have to worry about your digital advisor responding with the dreaded “I don’t understand”.


It all starts with a sentence

Customers don’t always communicate their needs clearly. Even deceptively simple sentences can trip up lesser solutions. Conversational AI gets to the heart of a customer’s intent helping them find the information they’re looking for — with zero frustration.


Comprehensive text processing

We get the basics right first. By performing comprehensive text processing on a sentence, conversational AI can decipher slang and dialect while correcting spelling errors and preparing it for interpretation.


Accurate intent prediction

Once the sentence is translated into its ‘stemmed’ form (i.e. into language the algorithm understands), Conversational AI can begin calculating a customer’s intent by looking at the sentence as a whole. It does this by using our unique multi-level intent hierarchy which has been developed to enhance both scalability and accuracy.


The conversational AI advantage

Less robust solutions would typically stop here and generate a response from incomplete data. But conversational AI has no time for mediocre responses. Thanks to ASU, your digital advisor is able to identify any possible missing intents that might otherwise allude other chatbots.


Understanding the whole sentence

This is crucial. A single intent can drastically alter the meaning of a customer query. If not understood properly, this results in a response that is not only wrong, but makes your company look like it doesn’t know what your customers need. Conversational AI catches any additional intents in even the most complex sentences and offers up suitable alternatives when generating a response.


Giving your customers access to the action that drives business

The outcome? Clear, clean and — most importantly — correct responses to every customer query. Through better understanding via ASU, conversational AI reduces traffic to your support channels, provides more helpful responses overall and makes every interaction with your brand worthwhile.

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