19. September 2019 - Clarion Hotel Energy Stavanger

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Don’t miss out on the most immersive, high-energy learning experience for conversational AI professionals.

Experts, speakers and trainers stand ready to enhance your skills and push you to the next level. With a program designed to deliver measurable results, Boost Camp will help you make your virtual agent even smarter - and create amazing results for your company.

At the end of the day you get to celebrate your achievements at an awards dinner, where you can socialize and exchange knowledge with like-minded professionals and experts from

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65% of available seats are already booked

To ensure the quality of each participant’s takeaways, there is a limited number of seats for the event. Sign up today to secure your seat before we reach maximum capacity!

3 500 NOK (365 EUR)*

Tickets include access to Boost Camp, stage programme, workshops, food and refreshments during the day and event dinner in the evening.

*VAT not included


 What you can expect at Boost Camp

Develop your skills to ensure that every interaction with your virtual agent is as smooth and positive an experience as possible. Here is how we will make you better equipped at accurately translating customer queries and requests into actionable outcomes.

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Case study insights

Discover what others are achieving with their virtual agents across key sectors including banking, insurance, telecom, the public sector and more.

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Ahead of the game

Get the very latest news of where the technology is heading from the team at, and what it means for AI Trainers.

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Enhance your skills

A selection of workshops lets you sharpen your specialties and lay the groundwork for new skills. Choose one workshop from either list in each time-slot below. 

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Build your network

Meet like-minded professionals who make up the 800+ strong group of AI Trainers working around the world.

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Workshop time-slot 1 (12:00-13:00) | Workshop time-slot 2 (13:45-15:00)

Attendees can choose one workshop from the following list for each time-slot:

Virtual Agent Network
Hosted by: Christian Sommer (Risk Manager), Thomas Hellen (AI Supervisor)

How can we make our virtual agents interact with each other to be able to solve multiple needs for our end-users? This workshop challenges your team to solve a use case by setting up a Virtual Agent Network.

Goals and Context
Hosted by: Mikal Monslaup (Senior Project Manager), Nils Henrik Haga (Norwegian AI Trainer)

Is it possible to keep end-users on track with more robust conversations? How do we keep them on topic and guide them through complex transactions towards a common goal? This workshop guides you through a simple FAQ use case to get started with the complex features of Goals and Context.

Troubleshoot training rounds
Hosted by: Pau Perales (Spanish AI Trainer), Martynas (Danish AI Trainer), Malin Jelsgaard (Swedish AI Trainer)

How should we handle the errors in training rounds? What measures do we use to overcome incorrect processing of words and intents that are predicted wrong? How do we optimize for ASU? What’s the best way to tackle our clean up report? This workshop is all about the challenges that AI trainers face on a daily basis.

Hierarchy challenge
Hosted by: Simeon Kristoffersen (AI Educational Specialist), Tea Nossum (Norwegian AI Trainer)

What’s the best way to set up an intent hierarchy? Where do we start? Where do we stop? This workshop challenges you to build the best intent hierarchy the virtual world has ever seen.  

Interaction architecture
Hosted by: Cameron Taylor (AI Interactions Architect), Maaret Räikkönen (Finnish AI Trainer), Nicole Klaeske (German AI Trainer)

How do we get end users to interact with our VA, come back again and complete our goals? How can we make our VA more trustworthy, authoritative and persuasive? This workshop is about how to design conversations for interaction by developing guidelines for language and visibility.

Push conversations further
Hosted by: Rose Smithells (English AI Trainer), Rune Frøysland (AI Supervisor)

Where do we start when we design advanced conversations with IFs and entities? How can we set up our VA with authenticated users? Let’s test our advanced AI skills and solve a real customer use case with authenticated users. This workshop is all about how easy it is to combine the advanced features in the admin panel and get started with smooth customer transactions.


A state-of-the-art venue

The Clarion Hotel Energy is Stavanger’s largest and most exciting conference hotel.

It is the perfect place to get both creative and productive, and will ensure that you get the most out of your Boost Camp participation.


Boost Camp 2019



Agenda Item





Welcome & opening remarks



Yrja Oftedahl





Growing together: What’s been happening in 2019



Lars Selsaas - CEO,
Henry Iversen - CCO,
Camilla Gjetvik - COO,






Panel Discussion:

Finding the right balance between human and machine


Moderated by Yrja Oftedahl


  • Carina Linnea Bergström
    AI Manager,

  • Cameron Taylor
    AI Interactions Architect,

  • Ramtin Matin
    Lead Technological Strategist,
    SpareBank1 SR-Bank





Coffee break with a light snack





Case Study: 3 companies using VAs differently shed light on
the many ways Conversational AI can be useful



Moderated by Yrja Oftedahl





Information about workshops


Yrja Oftedahl





Workshops session 1















Workshops session 2






Coffee break with a light snack






Insight: Consumer trends and digitizations


Ole Petter Nyhaug





What’s next? How we plan to make you shine even brighter in the future.


Halvard Totland - CPO,











Closing remarks

Henry Iversen - CCO,








Award Dinner



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Hosted by Yrja Oftedahl  

Yrja brings with her a wealth of experience from the startup scene - both in Norway and internationally. Her mission is to spread awareness about the incredible future of technologies and empower people to join in on transforming humanity. She is also the winner of the UN Student Prize 2019 for her work with the “Power Ladies” podcast where she showcase women who stand out in their field of expertise through deep interviews.

We are thrilled to have someone of her professional caliber hosting of the first-ever Boost Camp.


Consumer trends and digitization by Ole Petter Nyhaug

We are also very excited to announce that Ole Petter Nyhaug is going to share his experience and knowledge about consumer trends and digitization with us. Ole Petter is a well-known specialist in fields of consumer insight, market analysis, and trends. He is one of few Norwegians who has served as an advisor to global brands like Coca-Cola, Unilever, Audi, Heineken, Telefonica, and IKEA.

Ole Petter’s presentation will deliver foresight and insight into how organizations should prepare to catch the next wave of consumer trends and digitization.

Here’s what you missed at the 2018 AI Trainer Convention

Held in Oslo on 4 October 2018, the inaugural AI Trainer convention was the first event of its kind with more than 90+ attendees from around the world.

Boost Camp looks to build on the success of this one-off event, with in-depth workshops, presentations and a chance for AI Trainers to interact with one another and experts in the field to share tricks of the trade of working with conversational AI.