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The importance of implementing information security for conversational AI platforms

‍ has been granted ISO27001 certification. Here’s what that means and why it’s important.


Conversational AI market outlook: 2021 trends and predictions

Discover the latest trends driving the conversational AI market forward in 2021


7 key conversational AI technology trends for 2021

Learn about the latest technological advances and automation tools for building chatbots and virtual agents


Conversational AI and the Gartner Hype Cycle 2020: what's new and what to expect

The world's leading research and advisory firm is bullish about the conversational AI market over the next two to five years


Conversational AI and COVID-19: impact and future trends

How the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of conversational AI and what’s next

Virtual Agent Network

Fostering collaboration to create human-centric public services via an AI-powered Virtual Agent Network

Accenture Finland’s Konstantin Vdovenko and’s Henry Vaage Iversen reveal how the two companies worked together to innovate and develop a game-changing technology for the Finnish government

5 benefits of conversational AI for credit unions

How conversational AI can strengthen ties between a credit union and its membership while helping to keep costs down


How AI is changing the chat channel

Taking customer service to the next level by acting on customer information and requests with conversational AI

Conversational IVR

Conversational IVR and the dawn of intelligent automated phone support

Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence businesses can finally say ‘goodbye’ to frustrating legacy IVR systems

Project management

5 roadblocks that can leave your conversational AI project in limbo

Without proper planning and foresight any large-scale project can quickly derail. Here are five of the most common pitfalls to avoid to ensure your virtual agent launches on-time and on-scope.

Proof of concept

Try before you bot: why a conversational AI POC is a must-have in 2020

Starting off with a trial or proof-of-concept is the best way to ensure you find the right virtual agent for your business and avoid complications along the way.

AI trainer

Robots won’t take all our jobs after all – the rise of the AI Trainer

‍As artificial intelligence continues to push the modern contact center forward, so too do the roles of its employees begin to evolve.

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