September 3, 2018
Customer experience

Virtual agents - more than just "AI"

AI does not (yet) represent the sentient, self-learning machines from science fiction. Just like its human colleagues, the successful AI-powered digital employee has some specific requirements.

These requirements are not substantively different to those expected from a human, but they have a very definite AI twist.

Extensive industry-specific knowledge and experience

Our clients possess a huge amount of industry knowledge and experience which is very specific to their business. If their new digital employee is to be successful in their new job, they will need to rely heavily on this intelligence. Users will often see through attempts by third parties to recreate this information on behalf of a client, and it will almost certainly detract from their experience of interacting with the virtual agent . Taking time and care to transfer high-quality industry data, ensures total uniformity in the answers the virtual agent provides to end users - a feat not easily replicated by their human counterparts.

Organizational intelligence

Every client we have is unique. For the virtual agent to authentically represent our client’s brand, it requires an understanding of their core values and goals. Additionally, but of no less importance, is the need for it to understand and represent the corporate memory, manifested in a deep understanding of the history of the company and its unique selling points. By making certain this knowledge is accurately transmitted, clients can be assured of continued best-in-class customer service from their new virtual agent.

Outstanding customer care

When developed and trained correctly the virtual agent’s customer care abilities should at least mirror the service its human colleagues provide. When digital and human service becomes more indiscernible, customer satisfaction increases.

Continuous improvement

A static virtual agent runs the risk of very quickly causing the end user to lose interest. Replies need to be kept current and intents should be frequently refreshed to ensure that information about the client, and the products or services they provide, continues to be relevant. It is also important to constantly analyze data from user interactions to make sure that the virtual agent is meeting their ever-evolving needs.

If you chose as the provider of your new digital employee, you can be certain that all of these requirements have been carefully considered, and will be met. - or our certified partners - will build the virtual agent in close collaboration with you to ensure that it will always say exactly what you are thinking.

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