August 12, 2022

3 Ways Intelligent Automation is Evolving the Finance Industry in 2022

Technology in the financial world is advancing every day – is your organization taking advantage of the latest and greatest tools? The right combination of people and technology can empower your employees to work more effectively and efficiently. With today’s increasing demand for always-on service and a difficult employment market, it can be challenging to meet every need of every customer. So why not let automation do some of the heavy lifting for you?

In this blog you will learn:

  • How intelligent automation (IA) and conversational AI can simplify customer banking processes, freeing up your internal resources to do in-depth, high-level work
  • Why your financial institution should embrace automation in order to modernize your customer banking experience 
  • How your bank can not only create happy customers, but happy employees, too

What is Intelligent Automation?

Intelligent automation (IA) is the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation technologies to automate low-level tasks. Its main goal is to make your life easier! For, our conversational AI platform gives you employees more time back in their day by consistently managing mundane and/or repetitive tasks that keep your team members away from other priorities.

Here’s an example - It’s no secret that 2022 has been a challenging year for hiring, and in the face of ‘The Great Resignation’ employers are looking to optimize the employee experience, too. A strong employee retention strategy is imperative for your bank’s overall success and satisfied employees are more likely to perform at a higher level. 

Streamlined Customer Journey

A modern, digital-first customer banking experience is not only recommended, but also what your customers expect. The key to consistently happy customers is consistently stellar service – and artificial intelligence can make that easier to provide. 

Your average banking customer is not interested in dialing into a call center. By engaging with a virtual agent, you will not only quickly address and resolve their query but also seamlessly continue their customer journey without forcing them to leave your website. 

  1. searching the bank online, finding their number, calling, and working with a live agent
  2. searching the bank online -> virtual agent either resolves itself, or transfers to a live agent seamlessly (if necessary)

Often, virtual agents can resolve over 90% of customer queries on average, while elevating the more complex remaining tickets to human agents. This will free up your internal experts to do what they do best – high quality personalized service.


Gen Z’s buying power rises every day and according to a recent Bloomberg report, they now command $360 billion in disposable income. This tech-savvy, digital-first generation is not only your largest wave of future customers, but they are already your current customers. 85% of executives agree that fear holds back innovation efforts often or always in their organizations. Yet nine out of 10 organizations are doing nothing to ease those fears.

The best way to future-proof your customer’s banking experience? Offer customers a self-serve option that can transfer to a live agent for nuanced help as needed. 

The goal of a virtual agent isn’t to replace your customer service team, it’s to handle the simple, repetitive tasks that slow down their workflow. That way when more complex inquiries come through, they’re able to focus their full attention on resolving the issue in a prompt and personal manner.

  1. ready-made digital strategies and solutions

Creating a great customer experience starts with a foundation of the right technology. Work smarter, not harder! With the right platforms and tools, banks can exceed customer expectations and keep employee retention rates high. 

Worried researching a new tool will take too much valuable time and money? Not with We provide custom demos at no cost to you – just ask

Tech innovations in the banking world are past the hype. Now is the time for steady, streamlined adoption of the service your banking customer's demand.

Your customers will be happy for always-on, easily accessible, and personalized service. Your employees will be relieved from mundane tasks, high volume stress, and off-hour requests. Win-win!

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