Virtual assistant modules - explained


For organizations with users that demand the next generation of customer service, starting with a module is the easiest and most efficient way to build and implement a virtual assistant.

A module is a pre-made virtual assistant framework, equipped with unique content for specific industries, such as banking, insurance or telecom. The modules have been developed and trained to handle the basics of what a virtual assistant should be able to understand - right out of the box.

Thousands of pre-made intents

This ready-made support is possible because each module contains several hundred user intents, even several thousand in some of our modules. These intents, which have all been rigorously tested and are industry-approved, are the module’s interpretation of users’ questions, and requires skill and a significant amount of effort to create.

Imagine a module with 2,000 user intents: these intents are only useful if the virtual assistant understands them correctly. That requires a logical and expandable intent hierarchy and training data for each of them. Then the virtual assistant needs to be trained and tested to establish that it can correctly interpret all of these user intents.

Get a head start on development

Thanks to’s excellent natural language technologies, each intent only requires a limited amount of training data, but that still adds up to a substantial body of work, which would take several resources working full time at least a couple of months to create.

Using a pre-made module gives you a head start which means you don’t need to start from scratch - we have used our considerable experience and done this for you in the most flexible and expandable way. We’ve also stocked the hierarchy with all the necessary intents you need to get started.

Ready for deployment

Questions need answers and, in addition to covering most of these in the intents, the module it also includes responses that are easily customizable to suit your organization. If these responses only need a few small changes it may be possible to have the first version of your virtual assistant up and running within a few weeks.

In short, ready-made modules save your organisation thousands of hours of work. However you choose to use them, you can rest assured that the basics are covered. Instead, you can spend time on creating new user intents for subjects that deliver added value, and enhancing the virtual assistant in ways that are unique to your company.

A bespoke virtual assistant that is a legitimate representation of your brand will always be more popular with your customer base. Our pre-made modules help you to do this at a fraction of the time and money it would otherwise cost.