December 3, 2020

Introducing conversational IVR: a new integration to revolutionize legacy phone support and Lindenbaum announce partnership to enhance automated customer service with AI-powered voice integration

Conversational AI is a powerful tool that empowers businesses to provide efficient, always-available self-service to consumers via a conversational interface. Primarily associated with chat and direct-messaging customer service, recent advances in voice technologies now make it possible to bring the benefits of conversational AI to traditional voice-based phone support via conversational IVR.

We are excited to announce a partnership with Lindenbaum, a leading provider of telecommunications services. This new integration combines Lindenbaum’s cognitive voice technology with’s user-friendly conversational AI platform to enable organizations to use voice as a primary channel for customer service. This end-to-end solution makes it possible to develop virtual voice agents that can interact with end-users via a conversational IVR-powered telephony system, complete with a framework of intents, entities and conversational phrases with pre-built capabilities.

Combining conversational AI with the flexibility of Lindenbaum’s technology allows companies to apply artificial intelligence to revolutionize legacy IVR systems. The conversational IVR integration offers the following benefits:

Flexibility has developed a benchmarking tool used to transcribe multiple audio files simultaneously. This proprietary technology allows for detailed comparison of speech-to-text (STT) services ensuring that clients can save time and resources by adopting the right technology at the beginning of a project’s lifecycle.

To achieve this, we utilize Lindenbaum’s Cognitive Voice Platform (CVP) which offers configurable STT and text-to-speech (TTS) services, making it possible to custom-build projects based on a variety of criteria, including use-case, language, KPIs and more. Developing a project with a strong technological foundation is vital to achieving a quicker time to market.


Multi-language support

Deploy an AI-powered virtual voice agent with the ability to speak multiple languages. During a call, the end-user’s language is automatically detected and the virtual voice agent seamlessly responds in the same language. The platform supports over 35 languages out-of-the-box, with Lindenbaum offering additional support for over 100 languages and dialects.

Advanced NLU & NLP

Natural language understanding (NLU) and natural language processing (NLP) are applied to facilitate advanced understanding of natural human speech. Slang, dialects and mispronunciations can be easily understood so that voice interactions can proceed without any additional language barriers.

Audio enhancements

Audio clean-up, including echo cancellation and noise bleaching, is performed to improve transcription accuracy. This allows voice agents to function in situations where increased background noise can interfere with transcription accuracy.


The conversational IVR integration has been developed with user-friendliness in mind. Both’s conversational AI platform and Lindenbaum’s cognitive voice platform can be used without any technical experience required. This allows organizations to utilize existing resources such as customer support staff in building conversation flows and interactions, without the need to hire new technical staff.

Lindenbaum assigns unique phone numbers to each project that can be used for testing during development. Once a user has built an intent hierarchy, trained and added content, they can instantly call their voice agent to test and improve. Both STT and TTS services are also easily selectable within Lindenbaum’s Cognitive Voice Platform. has a robust e-learning platform of educational material that includes courses on creating dynamic conversation flows and best practices for voice design. Information on advanced features (i.e. API calls, 3rd-party integrations, phone number look-up, etc.) are available via the integrated knowledgebase.

Security and Lindenbaum adhere to strict GDPR and data protection compliance laws. All data processing takes place within the EU.

Contact us for a demo or to learn more about how your business can use conversational IVR to enhance customer experience.