January 16, 2019

Finland launches country’s first AI-powered municipal agent in Riihimäki

STAVANGER, Norway, 16 Jan. 2019 — The city of Riihimäki in Finland made digital history today as the country’s first municipality to launch a conversational artificial intelligence-powered virtual agent - Kunta-Kati.

Developed using natural language technology and advanced machine learning, Kunta-Kati is accessible 24/7 via the Riihimäki city website and is designed to help residents with questions ranging from education and healthcare to construction permits and more.

“We wanted to develop digital services for the future and offer the residents of Riihimäki new and easy ways to find these services”, said Mia Miettinen, Riihimäki city's Communications and Marketing Manager.

Kunta-Kati follows the growing trend of municipalities in the Nordics that are expanding their services to include chat-assisted artificial intelligence. In neighboring Norway, more than 60 of the country’s municipalities have already deployed a conversational AI-powered virtual agent named Kommune-Kari to great success.

“A virtual agent tailored towards municipalities is the best way for residents to get quick and consistent answers to their questions. They’ve experienced enormous success with this model across many municipalities in Norway and, with Kunta-Kati, we are hoping to replicate that success throughout Finland”, said Tone Therese Paulsen, Product Manager for Kommune-Kari at boost.ai.

Kunta-Kati is a joint venture between Accenture Finland, Sem & Stenersen Prokom and software developer boost.ai. In November 2018, in partnership with Accenture Finland and the Finnish government, boost.ai helped pioneer the world’s first virtual agent network (VAN) connecting the Finnish immigration, taxation and patent registration offices.

Kunta-Kati is live now at https://www.riihimaki.fi/