April 21, 2020

Virtual agent OCR capabilities leap forward as boost.ai and Lucidtech AI launch partnership with new integration

Conversational AI and document interpretation AI combine to allow for a greater level of automation via smart chat.

STAVANGER—April 21, 2020—Boost.ai, a leading vendor of AI-powered virtual agents to Fortune 1,000 companies, has announced a partnership with Lucidtech to further enhance the capabilities of the company’s conversational AI platform. Lucidtech specializes in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology that uses machine learning to extract pertinent information from documents, including invoices, receipts and more.

Combining Lucidtech’s OCR with boost.ai’s market-leading conversational AI platform offers a first-of-its-kind integration for the virtual agent and chatbot industry allowing customers a variety of advanced functionality for both internal and external virtual agents. Initial use cases include scanning employee travel expenses directly within the chat panel, in addition to scanning and uploading receipts for insurance claims via external-facing virtual agents.

“We are excited to work with boost.ai to provide a novel and disruptive approach to enterprise automation,” said Morten Steinvåg, Chief Commercial Officer at Lucidtech AI. “The initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and we are delighted to launch this initiative in full to our customers and partners.”

New and existing customers of Lucidtech and boost.ai can now leverage both conversational AI and document interpretation AI to achieve even greater levels of automation. This can assist businesses in reducing time spent on repetitive tasks involving lengthy interactions with end-users where documents play a vital role.

"Integrating Lucidtech intelligent OCR into our conversational AI platform opens the door for new exciting use-cases and shows the value of combining other technologies with our chatbot," said Halvard Totland, Chief Product Officer at boost.ai. “Our virtual agents can now prompt customers to upload an image or document directly in the chat window. The conversational AI, working together with OCR and RPA, analyzes and understands the content of the document, as well as the context and intent of the user, automating the backend processes with minimal hassle for the customer.”

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About Lucidtech

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