A brand new interface for working with AI

In the latest version of our AI admin panel, we’ve enhanced the user experience and improved the feel of our software through fundamental updates to the design.

The changes make the admin panel even more intuitive and user friendly, enabling your AI Trainers to create the most natural and dynamic conversations possible - transforming the way your brand interacts with customers.

Named after the spectacular phenomenon found in the night skies over northern Scandinavia, Aurora takes its cue from the majesty of the Northern Lights. To us, it seemed like the perfect name for our biggest and best release yet - with a little bit of magic on top.

A fundamental overhaul

When logging into Aurora, the first thing you’ll notice is a total redesign of the interface. Everything has been streamlined to be more intuitive and easier to use.

We’ve worked hard to improve the little things, such as reorganizing the menu bar and providing helpful new notifications, while taking extra care to improve how we handle more complex tasks like conversation flows.

In total, it is a major overhaul to the foundations of building and operating a complete conversational AI solution. Aurora offers AI Trainers greater freedom and flexibility in creating more dynamic and natural conversations than ever before.

aurora analytics screenshot

Dive deeper

The new ‘Analytics’ page is the hub of Aurora. Here you can view information and statistics on your conversational AI in an easy-to-understand format.

We’ve made key improvements that let you easily filter conversations to find the data you need more quickly, and our robust reporting tools now offer the ability to generate clear and concise summaries.

Thanks to a host of new and exciting features, you’re now able to take a deeper dive into your conversation data as you navigate through the software, offering far greater insight than was possible in previous builds.

aurora flow view screenshot

Powerful flow editor

Building conversations is now a breeze thanks to the redesigned ‘Flow View’. We’ve added better tools to help you tailor your AI’s conversations through a clear and logical overview of the conversational structure.

Conversations can be uniquely crafted to the end user without the need for them to click through a series of buttons, and entity extraction is now simpler and can be performed without solely relying on APIs.

Speaking of APIs, they can now be coded directly into the admin panel, while other content - such as video - can be embedded into chat windows. Designing conversations for your virtual assistant has never been easier.

To create natural conversations, you need flexible building blocks and a complete overview of all possible outcomes. Aurora gives you this - and much more.
— Halvard Totland, Chief Experience Officer, boost.ai
AI trainer certified certificate_v2.png

Improved e-learning & certification

A new e-learning platform gives you access to all of our education and training materials directly through Aurora. This allows for easy access to all our courses, making it simpler to dip in for a quick refresher if necessary.

We’ve also integrated our knowledge base directly into Aurora. We thought it would be easier to find everything in one place rather than to navigate multiple systems and trawl through user manuals to find the answers you need.

The entire knowledge base is easily-searchable and includes everything from information on new features to updates and useful articles.


Multilingual support

We’ve added support for 12 new languages bringing our total to 22 and making Aurora the home of the preeminent multilingual conversational AI on the planet.

Our latest language additions include: Arabic, Catalan, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Romanian and Russian.